Waist Training Ultimate Guide: Get Educated before You Start


Waist training is the use of a steel boned corset to get a classic hourglass shape. The corset is clinched tighter to pull in ribs and rearrange the internal organs to effectively reduce waist circumference. It must be used continuously even after achieving the desired waist circumference because its effects are semi-permanent.

Additionally, a corset can be worn for back and posture support. And even though it won’t strengthen your abs, you’ll lose weight because you won’t be able to eat a lot while wearing your corset. Weight loss happens because the corset acts as an external LAP band.

Waist Training Guide


Traditionally, waist training is also known as waist cinching. It first became popular in the 190os in Europe, and the girdle replaced the invention of the corset later. In the early years, the corset was worn on top of clothes, and it was seen as a fashion statement. The more waist modification became popular, the more women started wearing cinchers and girdles as undergarments. The popularity of waist modification today is again on the rise, and models and celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian have admitted that they’re using the garments.

Types of Waist Trainers

Today, several types of waist trainers are available on the market. According to Ruben Soto, CEO and the founder of DepthReviews.com, it’s important to research the style that fits your goals best. The reason being, some waist trainers are best for traditional waist modification and others are best for increasing thermal activity in the mid-s4ection of the belly.

Soto says that cinchers are made of either latex or cotton, while traditional corsets are made of just cotton and have laces on the back. The traditional corsets are customizable because they have laces that can be tightened to preferred firmness. Additionally, workout cinchers can be worn during exercises because they’re made of stronger materials.

5 Waist Training Benefits

Of course, your waist trainer will make you slimmer, and perhaps, that's the reason why you're addicted to it. The following are some of the benefits of waist training you’ll discover.

1. Immediate Slimming Results

You’ll immediately notice slimming results when you put on a properly fitting corset for the first time. In fact, your waist might instantly slim up to about 5 inches. Your corset will prevent your belly from sticking out. That’s the reason why corsets are the best garments for special event.

2. Enhanced Workouts

It’s recommended that you strengthen your core when using a corset for best results. In fact, workout and waist trainer should complement each other. Even though your waist trainer will minimize your movements, it will make you sweat more when you're exercising. The reason being, it literarily stimulates metabolism system.

3. Perfect Posture

More confident posture is one of the unexpected results you’ll notice when wearing your waist trainer. It provides posture support because the compression will force you to sit straight. Corrected posture is good for your back. Furthermore, it will make you feel more confident.

4. Healthier Lifestyle Motivation

In most cases, lack of motivation is the barrier to getting healthier. You might find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and do daily exercises, especially if you've hit a plateau in your progress. Fortunately, your waist trimmer can keep you going, because it makes you see how your body could look like.

5. Supplements Your Long-Term Slimming Goals

You can use your waist trainer to supplement your slimming goals because of its heat-stimulating properties. You’ll notice that your weight loss efforts are working the more you wear your waist trainer. To discover how real the results are, check out customer stories.

How to Effectively Train Your Waist

Follow the following steps to get the most out of your training. They’re effective and safe. The suggestions are based on feedback from women who have tried trimming their waist with waist cinchers and steel boned corsets.

1. Get Your Size Right

If you know your size, you’ll get the results you desire. Additionally, wearing a corset that doesn’t fit you well will make you feel uncomfortable, and it might reduce your self-esteem.

2. Buy a Waist Trainer that Fits Your Body

Corsets are designed to fit different body types, and they come in different styles. If you wear a corset designed for your body type, you’ll fill comfortable and get better results.

3. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

To get better results, eat a healthy diet and exercise daily. Do core strengthening exercises because taking care of your body will give you better results and make you feel great in or out of your corset.

4. Gradually Train Your Waist

Wear your corset for only 1.5 to 2 hours the first time you put it on. Notice how your body reacts, and take it slow. Don't tighten your corset to the point of feeling pain. Over the course of 10 to 14 days, gradually increase your time to around 6 to 10 hours.

Weight Training Results 

The results depend on factors, such as the hours you wear your corset daily, the number of days you wear it per week, how you tightly lace your corset, and the weight loss regime you're following. Genetics will also affect your results. For instance, two individuals that have the same waist circumference won’t have the same results even if all variables are the same.

Waist Training Dangers

The British Military Fitness survey found out that 1 in 5 individuals wanted to use waist trainers in the future, while 1 in 9 individuals was using a waist trainer. According to Garry Kerr, Head of Operations and Training at BMF, waist training is dangerous and should be avoided because there's evidence that it can cause nasty side effects.

If your waist trainer is too tight, it will cause discomfort, breathing problems, skin irritation, numbness, bruising, psychological problems, and heartburn. According to Dr. Caroline M Apovian, MD, you might experience reflux because a corset might push your stomach beyond your diaphragm. Moreover, he says that you should loosen or completely take off your corset if you experience any side effect.


It’s recommended that anytime you wear your corset, apply safe and sane corsetry practices. If your corset causes you pain, loosen it or completely take it off. The expression “no pain, no gain,” doesn’t apply here. Seasoning your corset makes your body to get used to waist training. Consult your physician before you begin training your waist. For better results, don’t rush.

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