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Traveling should be uneventful and stress-free if not enjoyable. However, it mostly turns out to be hectic right from the mere thought of it. An average traveler is usually restless from the many challenges that come with the journey. These challenges range from delayed flights, missed flights or even a lost luggage. The following are some luggage problems and safety tips that will come in handy as you embark on your journey.

Packing problems and how to eliminate them

Proper packing of your baggage is the first crucial step in determining the safety of your luggage. A good number of travelers find themselves in confusion and panic as they go through the luggage checkpoint. The cause is simple, they did not take proper precautions while packing. As a result, their baggage results to be overweight or carrying banned commodities. Before such a case is solved, the flight may have taken off leaving the delayed traveler behind. You would be lucky in case of an overweight suitcase if you forsake some of you belongs, but it's wise to take precautions beforehand.

First, understand the rules of the airline that you are using. Get to know what is allowed and in terms of items and weight. You do not want to lose your valuables due to negligence on your part. Avoid packing unimportant stuff. They add to the weight and cause unnecessary hassles. Further, check your bag's and suitcase's pockets to ensure they are empty before you pack.

Luggage delays and lost luggage

Have you ever lost your bag while traveling? If your answer is 'Yes', then you know how stressful this can be. It's a nightmare! The process of filing a report and recovery is long and tough which in the end may be fruitless. Sometimes, your luggage gets delayed and you wait for it endlessly at the conveyor belt.

However, this nightmare can be easily prevented by taking a few precautions steps. Proper labeling is an important tool towards retaining your luggage. Ensure that the label is huge and easy to locate from afar. This can be done by attaching a colorful ribbon or tag on your suitcase. The alternative is to ensure that your suitcase or bag stands out due to its bright color.

On top of that, take a few photographs of your luggage to show to the attendants just in case it gets misplaced. Ensure that the labeling person indicates the right destination for your luggage in the tag and keep the stub provide with you as evidence.

What do you do in case you employ these precautions and still lose your stuff? Do not panic. After waiting patiently at the conveyor belt and still can't see your bag. file a report at the airline's counter. This will help you start the process of recovery and if not, compensation. Compensation process is however known to be long and requires a thorough follow up.

Just in case the loss happens past the luggage claim area, report this case to the police. Not the airline and at the earliest opportunity available.

Stolen or misplaced valuables

It is possible to lose your treasure valuables from theft. They can also be misplacing mistakenly through luggage switch. To avoid this, always carry the valuables with you. Never leave you valuables like laptops, tablets and other expensive electronics in the suitcase. Carry a hand-held bag and place them inside for safe custody. In case of vehicular travel, carry them with you when you alight at designated stops along the journey and occasionally check to see they are still there while in the vehicle. This may seem like a tiresome activity but it saves your valuables from getting lost.

Head injuries resulting from overhead luggage

A study conducted by Flight Safety Foundation (1998) indicated that falling objects from overhead storage bins can cause serious brain injury and trauma. This is a serious matter that can lead to future health complications or even result in lawsuits.

Always place the overhead luggage properly into its position. Ensure that it does not exceed the weight stated by the travel firm or airline.

More Tips to Ease Your Travel Experience

Attaching contact information on you luggage

Putting your contact information inside and outside of every bag may be very useful. For the case of a lost and found baggage, the airline or travel company may need to reach you. This can only happen if you left your contact on your belongings. Attaching more than one contact information can be better in case you are not available from your borne address. You can be reached on your cellphone. However, you should be careful when attaching your home address for security reasons. Also, fetch your recovery luggage from a public place in case someone accidentally picked your luggage and decided to contact you.

Carrying essential commodities in a separate bag

Carry crucial items that will cater to you in case your luggage is delayed or lost. These may include an extra set of changing clothes, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush. You do not want to suffer from hygienic issues because of a lost bag.

Cutting out on weight and clutter

Cutting out on weight is key towards meeting the required weight. Avoid carrying stuff that you don't require. Heavy garments like overcoats that can't be left behind can be worn to reduce the luggage. Also, make use of the inner compartments in suitcases and bags to store items. This makes the bag to appear organized and eliminates the possibility of being made to unpack for threat checks.

Traveling may be a thrill to some people and yet a can of worms to others. All in all, it can be enhanced by making proper preparations and obtaining the right information. Knowing what to expect during the journey goes a long way towards ensuring that you are met with minimal inconveniences. Therefore, get all the facts together as you prepare to catch that flight or broad that bus to your preferred destination. The will prove to be of huge importance as you make that trip. Traveling will always be enjoyable as long as the right precautions are taken before departure.

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