Tips on Choosing and Buying Car Seat and Stroller for Your Baby


We all drive to go to places and so car seat or stroller is a must especially if you have a small baby with you. When it comes to safety of children, parents do take lot of precautions and measures. However, if you have not given importance to buying a car seat for your infant, you should be aware of the fact that where less than 10 children got killed in kidnapping or otherwise, more than 1000 children died in car accidents. So, if you are among those who pay attention to factors affecting your child’s safety, buying a right car seat should be taken into account.

Once you have decided of buying an infant car seat it becomes important you buy the best fitting one. Here are some useful tips and guidelines to help you buy the best car seat and stroller for your child.

1. When you go buying a car seat, you have two options to transport your new baby – an infant seat or a convertible seat. Most parents prefer buying the infant seat especially if they have a newborn baby as it is portable. In this way you do not need a stroller, but if you skip the infant car seat and buy a convertible seat, you can save money but you would not be able to use it along with the stroller.

2. So, if you choose to buy a convertible seat, make sure you buy one with low bottomed harness slots so that you are double sure of the safety of your child while you are driving. On the other hand, if you select one of the infant seats, you need not worry because these are smaller, lighter as well as portable. They last until your baby becomes one year old. They even come with a sunshine shade which is very handy and useful at times. Infant seats can even be placed without a bottom and if you need a bottom, you would not require buying different bottoms for your child or her nanny or others.

3. If you are a mom you understand that most moms use a car seat more than just a seat for their baby. For example, if you are driving to a store and your child sleeps on the way, the last thing you would like to do is wake up your child to take her along with you to the store. With an infant seat, you simply need to remove the seat from the car and carry the seat along with your sleeping baby to the store without disturbing her. This is not possible with a convertible seat.

4. If you want to buy an infant seat and still want to save some money, you can look for shopping a travel system in which you will get a stroller along with the infant seat at a discounted rate.

5. When wondering about which of the car seats would be safe for your child, you should understand here that all the ones available in the market are tested and approved against the current safety standards set for infants.

6. If you want to spend some more money on the car seat, you can look for additional features which would help you to make proper adjustments as your baby grows. Many models have adjustable handles at the back of the seat or pull cord between the child’s legs.

7. If you think that just by buying the infant car seat your job is over, you are not right. Most of the companies provide proper instructions for the installation of the seat. However, you should also consider viewing some YouTube videos so that installation is done perfectly. Even if you wish to install it on your own, it is recommended that you get it checked by a professional.

One of the things that all of you must be concerned of is whether the seat is going to get fit in properly or not. The only thing you can do is check it immediately after you buy it. However, if you give details of your car’s model, the retailer will provide you with the right infant car seat, for sure. Moreover, if the infant seat that you have bought or decide to buy needs the passenger seat to be pushed all the way forward, you should better consider buying another one. This is a very common problem that people face after buying the infant car seat and so having a practical solution is the best you can do.

The rear facing seats have proper support for neck and back of your child and researches show that very less injury is possible with the infant even with sudden jerks or brakes used while driving. They have extremely low risk of injury no matter what kind of crash the car faces.

Types of car seats

There are different types of car seats available for infants in the market. There are some seats generally known as European seats, which are expensive because they have many additional features. If you are a parent who has to drive or go on short notice or you are on the go most of the time, it is advisable to buy the baby car seat which can be installed quickly and does not need a base to get it fit securely. If you are a parent who has time to spend with your child and you are not always in a rush, go with the commonly known as American style which has basic safety features assured.

Compatibility of stroller and car seat is important

Ideally choosing a car seat that is compatible with your baby’s stroller is recommended. However, nowadays there are varieties of models available with different companies which you can check out. Just spend some time analyzing the features and read the stroller intro so that you get an idea of the basic things you should look for when buying one. Go with the one that is affordable, reliable and fairly easy to install. Above all, do not wait to come out of the hospital to install the seat. Practice few times in advance so that you get it ready in flashes when you need it.

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