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Take care of your vital and most essential documents, firearm, passports and any other valuable item in a sturdy, rugged and durable SnapSafe Lock Box. With increased insecurity, it is always a good idea to own a firearm. Unfortunately, not many gun owners appreciate the need for a secure handgun storage unit, and if they do very few can afford a costly full-size safe. Secure and safe handgun storage is an essential factor in preventing accidental shootings and your firearm getting stolen. To have a concise SnapSafe Lock Box review, it is necessary to look at the following features:

Features of the SnapSafe Lock Box

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Easy-to-use key lock system

The SnapSafe lock box comes with an easy to use key lock system that requires an original key to open. They are easy to open and lock even when in a hurry. All you have to do is to insert the key into the keyhole and turn it. The key lock mechanism is tested to ensure that it does not snap or fail to open when the right key is inserted. To prevent vandalism, the lock is made of high-grade steel.

2 keys

The keyed option of the SnapSafe lock box comes with 2 individual keys which are designed alike. This means that you will have a spare key in case you lose one. Unlike other keys, these keys are durable, rust-free, and do not break easily. The keys are marked with a number matching the number carefully inscribed on the lock. If you have keys that do not match the digits marked on the lock, then you have the wrong keys.

4-feet steel security cable

The lockbox comes with high-grade, strong steel cable that can be used to wrap around a car seat mounting bracket, either under the passenger seat or the driver’s seat to prevent the box from sliding out and interfering with your feet as you drive. The cable can also be looped into a lasso and secured to a solid object. There is a porthole cut in the left edge of the lockbox to accommodate the cable.

Thick protective foam interior

To ensure that your handgun or documents are safe and do not slide around or bang on the sides of the box, this safe feature a thick protective foam interior. The foam is made from durable material that can accommodate firearms in different configurations. Both the interior parts (the lid and the bottom) of the box have the thick protective foam for enhanced comfort and security of your firearm. The safe measures 9 A x 6 A x 1 A inches in dimension. This means that it can comfortably accommodate two pistols at the same time.

Thick 16-gauge steel housing

For added security and protection of the contents of the box, the SnapSafe lock box is made of thick 16-gauge steel housing. This casing is strong, long-lasting and pry-proof. This means that even if the box falls into the wrong hands, it is not easy to access the contents without its original key. Breaking open the box is futile since it is made of high-grade steel material. You can rest assured that once the box is locked no one can gain entry into it.

Obeys the TSA airline procedures on firearms storage

The safe meets TSA airline firearm regulations and is approved as a firearms safety device. This means that you can travel with your case to other states without a problem. However, it is important to check with TSA security requirements and airline rules before carrying any portable firearm safely. Always ensure that your firearm is not loaded before storing it in your lock box. Not all airlines approve their customers to travel with firearms on board even if it is inside a safe box.


  • Large interior dimensions that can accommodate 2 compact size pistols.
  • Steel casing provides enhanced security against prying tools.
  • The key lock mechanism only opens with the specific key for extra security.
  • It is highly portable.
  • Certified by California’s D.O.J.
  • The interior is lined with high-quality memory foam for additional comfort and protection.


  • The interior foam lining is not glued to the sides of the box.
  • The protective foam lining is thick but low density; therefore, it gets thinner when compressed.
  • When you lose the two keys you might have to break the lock box to retrieve your valuables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you pry open this lock box?
No, you cannot pry open the SnapSafe lock box. It is made of strong and durable steel. However, armed with the right tools and adequate force, it is possible to pry it open.

Q: Can this box store large handguns?
Yes, the safe can actually accommodate two large handguns with clips and even ammo. The interior dimensions are adequate enough to accommodate the steel cable and the guns as well.

Q: Is the lock box available for sale?
Yes, this strong and durable lockbox is available on Amazon, and from the official SnapSafe website. It is always important to visit reputable online sites if you want to get authentic gun safes.

Q: How does the security cable work?
Loop the security steel cable around the steering wheel of your car or a fixed object that cannot be easily removed. Now, insert the remaining end of the steel cable into the lockbox and ensure that it comes out through the small opening on the side of the box. Once locked no one can actually remove the loop or the box from the fixed surface.

Final Verdict

If you are concerned about your safety and would like to travel with your handgun, the SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box is a perfect choice for you. it is small, discreet and very portable. It allows you to carry your firearm, a few clips, and ammo to wherever you want to go. It is approved by TSA, which means that you can carry it along with your other luggage. Just ensure that you abide by your state or country’s firearms control regulations and policies to avoid problems when traveling with a gun. Apart from that, it is rugged, dependable and the safest way to store your firearm.

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