Practical Tips on How to Choose Women’s Lingerie


As most people say, you can actually tell a woman's feelings just by looking at the lingerie she is wearing. It is easy to understand why this statement is quite common. Lingerie is the most intimate piece of garment that helps a woman express, using her body, what she feels. The only thing more perfect to do this than a lingerie is a perfectly cut, colored and worn lingerie which not only expresses one's emotions but also boosts their general self-confidence. Let's face it; nothing beats a woman oozing with confidence!

Realizing the importance of a few lingerie in your life is, however, the easiest part. Real work comes in when you try to go shopping for these pieces. Honestly, picking out a lingerie can cause a headache, literally! There are lots of women-wear companies and lingerie options out there that can make your selection a nightmare. Moreover, cases of women purchasing a lingerie and realizing it's not their best fit after wearing it a few times are not rare. So how do we avoid this? How can one pick out the best piece that'll stir magic to everyone around? Here is how:

1. Prioritize Yourself

The first and most important tip before selecting a lingerie is realizing that you are the priority. Of course, a few times you might want to get a lingerie that maybe someone special will want to see you in but that's a topic for another day. When you want to be your best self then you will have to be a little selfish. Remember, you are around yourself more than you are around anyone else. That is why you must pick something which gets the best out of you.

A lingerie that you will not only look stunning in but also one which will be comfortable for you. Putting yourself first in your lingerie selection process will significantly help you to pick the best piece that you also love. As a result, you will always be comfortable and confident whenever you are wearing it which will naturally attract everyone around you.

2. Identify what you'd like to show off

It is rather obvious that every lady has her own insecurities even when some are simply made up in the head and don't actually exist. That's perfectly normal and you shouldn't obsess yourself over that. What you need to focus on is the bits you love about your body. Is it the butt? Perhaps it's the thigh gap or the boobs? Whatever it is that's where your main focus should be. Look for lingerie that perfectly hugs these parts and everything, else will fall into place. Don't settle for good enough. There are lots of lingerie options so there's definitely one that'll get you the cleavage line you are looking for.

3. Know your body size

The other very important tip when purchasing a lingerie is knowing your body size. This is especially important if you are buying it from an online store. The last thing you want is a delivery you've been yearning for only for it to arrive being too tight for you. Sigh. That's why you need to know your exact sizes. The best way to achieve this to be fitted by an expert. He/She should tell you your exact bra size, waist, hips etc. As much as you want something stunning it will only be useful if it's comfortably fitting you. Remember the idea is to be a sexy goddess not some dressed-up doll.

4. Experiment on new lingerie trends

If you have been wearing the same strapped black lace bras for the last one year then you, have been missing out on a lot! Yes, it could be gorgeous and all but how are you going to find an even sexier lingerie if you don't experiment on the new ones? Women fashion just like technology, advances every fortnight. There could be a new hot piece which is what you have been waiting for all your life, and it's, just a few stores away from you. Try out different patterns and colors. Change the fabrics once in a while from mesh, satin to some silk. The best way to develop and keep things interesting is by being adventurous and trying out new things.

5. Get a tailor to customize some pieces

Have you ever stumbled upon an incredible piece with the dream touch, color and everything only to find out that your waist is a bit slimmer, thanks to all the sit-ups, than the lingerie? This is can be very annoying. I mean, sometimes as a woman you can insanely fall in love with a cloth and leaving it behind is simply not an option. So, what do you do in such a situation? On the hands of a talented tailor, most of the minor details in a lingerie can be customized to fit your desires. Therefore, you should get the names of some of the best tailors around your area because you never know when you'll need one.

6. Stock different lingerie for different occasions

Just like clothes, you are going to need different lingerie for different events. According to Jenna Leigh, a New York designer, every woman is supposed to have a T-shirt bra, strapless bra, push-up bra, lace bra, boy short-style underwear, thong, bikini and a garter. Your wardrobe should always be equipped with a go-to piece whether it's for an emergency, gym session, or a rainy day. Having a wide range of lingerie is also important as it helps to preserve them and save on costs since they're only worn when appropriate. Think about it, if you wear your sleeping or naughty lingerie to the gym how long will it take before it is torn and you are forced to purchase another one?

7. Know Your price range

We all wish we could have to spend on a single piece of lingerie, but that is just a wish. Most of us don't have that kind of money, at least not yet, to spend on one lingerie and hence we have to check the price tag before adding anything to the cart. There is nothing wrong with that. Know your budget and then alongside it uses the above tips to state what you want in a lingerie. With these two, you will still manage to come across amazing lingerie without harming your budget.


You are supposed to have fun with your dressing. Your lingerie should feel like an extension of you as a woman. They should hence, help you to radiate positive energy wherever you go. But this will only happen if you pick the right piece. With the above tips, we are confident that you are now more than equipped to shop for a perfect lingerie that you rightfully deserve.

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