How to Choose Binoculars for Yourself


If you are a Prepper, Military scout, sailor, birdwatcher or nature lover, a binocular is simply the best invention ever made for you. In English, Bi’ means two and Mono’ means one. Ocular’ on the other hand stands for eyes'. A Binocular is a device that consists of two telescopes mounted side by side with each other aligned to a point in the same direction. This device can be brought in use to see a three-dimensional image of distant and far-off things. If you also wish to keep an eye on the surroundings, a Binocular will be a great choice to make.

Why do I need a binocular?

There is just one purpose for purchasing a Binocular and it is to bring the surrounding world closer to your eyes. A Binocular gives you even the little details of the landscape around you and this is what you can't think of accomplishing with your eyes alone. A Binocular brings you close to the nature. You can also use it for surveillance purposes. You can use it while scouting and it also serves to be one of the most essential gadgets for the crew of any ship. The mountaineers and pressers also often need Binoculars for their professional requirements. People who don’t belong to any of these professions also prefer keeping Binoculars in their houses often to keep a watch on their neighbors.

Clearing the misconceptions

Some people complain that their binocular is not giving them the desired results they expected. Well, this is because of the reason that they didn’t make a choice properly. If you don’t choose a proper binocular for your needs, it won’t feel more than an unneeded weight in your bag. On the other hand, if you have a perfect Binocular with yourself, it will offer you a wide field of you which will blend two separately generated images into a three dimensional one in such a way that you will be able to observe and see up to 40-50% more details of the landscape being observed as compared to the details noticed with eyes alone.

Choosing a perfect Binocular

A perfect Binocular is the one which meets all your professional needs. If you need a device for observing the things closer to yourself, you won’t need any gadget at all for this. A Binocular is not meant for close bird watching. It is rather meant to watch and observe the distant and far-off things.

While choosing a perfect binocular for yourself, you need to take the help of following steps:

1. Consider the Budget

If you want to choose a Binocular for yourself, first and foremost comes the Price and Budget. A Binocular with more diameter, magnification and field of view will obviously cost you more. Thus you should begin from deciding a budget for your purchase. Brand is not a big thing if you get more features within less cost price.

2. Consider the purpose

First of all, I would ask you to think about the purpose for which you need a Binocular. If you are purchasing it for your children as a toy, you can purchase simply any random Binocular for them but if you are purchasing it for a specific professional or personal requirement, you will need to be careful about the other mentioned factors as well.

3. Consider the field of view

A better Binocular is the one which offers you the widest field of view. Field of view’ refers to the amount of area that you are able to see through the glass of a Binocular. A Binocular with more diameter of the objective lens and more magnification offers more and wider field of view.

4. The material from which a Binocular has been made

Most of the Binoculars are made of either plastic or metal. While choosing a Binocular for yourself, thus you should check the quality of material used. Poor quality plastic is very much prone to damage. Also don’t forget to check if there is a coating on the lens or not. Best Binoculars have at-least one or two coating on the lens which improves clarity and prevents them from meeting any kind of scratches.

5. Scrutinizing the Lens

Next comes the need to scrutinize the lens for its lens power. If you need a Binocular for general sporting use, you will need a binocular with at least a pair of 7x25 lenses. If you need a Binocular for Bird watching and Hunting, a Binocular with a pair of 8x30 would be perfect. On the other hand, if you need a Binocular for stargazing purposes, a Binocular with a pair of 10x40 lenses will be a perfect choice to make.

6. Test a lot of models

Last but not the least, you should try and test a lot of Binocular models to judge the perfect one for you. Making an offline purchase will thus serve to be the best option for you but this doesn’t means you can't make an online purchase. If you are making a purchase Online, don’t forget to look for the product specifications in order to judge the quality of your Binocular.

7. Check for the warranty and other such needs

Most of the leading brands are offering their products these days with a warranty period. Thus you should not forget to ask for the warranty of your Binocular before purchasing it. If you are subjected to work in rains or water, you should not forget to look for the options like waterproofing as well. The magnification and field of view of some binoculars can be increased or decreased by removable lenses. Such Binoculars suit the best for professional purposes.

While choosing a Binocular for yourself, don’t forget also to check for the other factors like eye relief as well. The Binoculars with durable and adjustable eye cups suit the best for all. Some people also judge Binoculars on the basis of their prisms.

There are two types of Binocular prisms:

1. Roof Prism:
2. Porro Prism:

Binoculars with Roof Prism are often found more light-weighted than the other type mentioned. These kinds of Binoculars can't be divided into too many parts while the other type consists of too many internal parts which might not fit for traveling purposes. In my view, purchasing a Binocular might be a one-time-lifetime investment for some people and if the case is same with you, you should not forget to check all these factors while making a purchase. Some brands these days are also offering fog-proof Binoculars. If you are subjected to work in a foggy environment, you should not forget to check for such features as well.

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