Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Condominium


If you are in the real estate business, there is a wide variety of properties that you will want to buy such as a condominium, which is popularly known as a condo. Buying an apartment or a piece of land can be very demanding but not like the purchase condominium. The popularity of condos began in the 1970s when apartments began to be converted to condominium ownership. Today condos are all over from cities to suburban areas. Unlike an apartment, you will not own your entire condominium once you get to rent it. Lt involves many people making it a community of individuals; this force you to consider others who live there. So, when you are renting a condo, there are things that you might want to consider looking into, just to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Communal Rules and Regulations/Bylaws

There are always rules and regulations that govern each and every property. Apart from the general laws of the land that are in the constitution, there can be communal rules also known as bylaws especially for condos because living in a condo means you live in a community. You should first look at the rules that govern the activities and lifestyle of those individuals and make sure they cannot affect you. Though the rules are not always harsh, there are simple rules and regulations that might make you lose interest in renting that condo; an example is a regulation on the number or type of pets that you can keep at your place. All these bylaws will be included in the contract, so before you sign an agreement, read the contract thoroughly to avoid disagreements that might lead to court.

Security Systems

Security is paramount for each and every human being. A roof over your head is not enough to shelter you from bad people, so you much check into the security system of the condo you want to rent. Living in a communally owned space, you don't have control over who is getting into that property; you can only control who is going past the gate or door of your house. Though there is always security, check-ups on who goes through the gate. It might not be perfect enough to keep you safe from that someone who has bad intentions. Even though with security one cannot be 1002-6 sure of their safety; there are some of the security checks you might want to consider to help you take precautions.

  • Availability of security cameras.
  • The presence of a well-established security guard Company, manning the condo.
  • Involvement of the management in security matters.
  • Possible responses in case of a security threat.
  • The distance between the condo and the nearest police station.

Safety Measures

Safety is more or less the same as security but involves the precautions one take against accidents such as in the case of a fire incidence, how safe are your property and family- You can be very careful and cautious about accidents but living in a condominium means you are residing in a community. Hence you cannot be as careful as your neighbor or vice versa. Make sure the house you are renting has got all safety equipment like fire extinguishers. it also involves you taking a step in surveying the kind of house you want, concerning quality construction to keep you safe.

Social Amenities

Today most of the condominiums are found in the suburban areas because most of the people want to get away from the town noise and busy activities and go somewhere where it is calm and peaceful. Getting a piece of mind in suburban areas or anywhere your condo can be very disadvantageous to you, regarding availability social amenities. Condos are always more of gated communities, and it is rare to find business activities going on at such a place. When renting a condo look for one which has got social amenities such as schools, health facilities, malls and good roads. Living in an area that has got good social facilities is advantageous because you can access anything you want without having to travel a long distance to get one. It is also helpful in the sense that it times of an emergency such as sickness, you can get to a heath facility very fast and save a life.


Renting a condo is very cheap and pocket-friendly. Apart from just paying rent and assessment fees, there are other activities that you have to do in life like going to work and taking your children to school. This makes living in a condominium cheap or expensive depending of needs you have to satisfy and activities that you involve yourself in. Before renting one, sit down and work on the financial issues involved; if it favors you then go for it. Since most of the condos are out of town, check the distance and calculate the time and money you will spend and compare it to living in an apartment around your place of work. Consider your family and how convenient this place is to them. If you find out that you will be spending a lot of cash, look for another option that will help you save time and money.


Even if there are things that you will want to consider before renting a condominium, there is always the need for satisfaction. It is the driving force behind you renting the condo, and one cannot be satisfied by the by only the condo but also the environment surrounding the condominium. The environment surrounding a place is always the first impression one gets immediately they walk to a particular location. A clean environment impresses everyone hence you have to check the surrounding area. You should first of all start by visiting the neighborhood and see if any physical features that might cause threats or even industries causing pollution. Make sure the environment impresses you, and that you can also live under the natural environmental conditions of that place; which is the climatic situation of the area where the condominium is located.

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