Common Luggage Problems and Solutions


Traveling is an enchanting experience and it has become an indispensable part of the life of most people all around the world. Visiting new places and making merry is really wonderful. Different people make use of different transportation methods. Your mode of travel and leisure may be different. But, taking good care of luggage is highly important for making an enjoyable journey. Here are various problems that are associated with luggage and the solutions.

Common Luggage Problems and Solutions

Packing Too Much

This is a common mistake of people who go for a lengthy stay. People always want to get a home like feeling from their temporary domicile. Thus, they pack almost everything for their vacations. You can lighten the load if you pack things carefully. Most resorts and hotels provide things like soaps, conditioners, shampoo, and conditioner. If you are not particular about a certain brand, you can make use of these facilities and lighten your luggage. A few minutes of pre-planning are really great to avoid packing too much. Pack your luggage by understanding the climate of the destination.

Prohibited Items

The items that are allowed in one country may be prohibited in the other. The list of items that are prohibited in different countries will be different. You can avoid the potential nightmare if you are aware of the items that are prohibited in a country. Bringing these items will lead to long wait times, missing a flight, or getting rid of something valuable.

Damage to Luggage

This is a very common problem while traveling. The luggage can be damaged irrespective of your travel by train, flight, ship, or bus. Mostly, luggage is kept in a separate placeholder or bin while traveling. Luggage gets damaged due to lack of supervision.

It is important to report the damage information immediately to the travel agent. You need to file the damage report officially to get a refund, if valid. But, you may not get a refund if the damage happens due to overloading or over-packing of the luggage.

Delayed Luggage

This problem is very common in flights. Delayed luggage is the problem of nonarrival of your luggage even after your arrival. It occurs due to lots of reasons. But, the common reason is PIR (Property irregularity Report). Though the rules and actions for these reports may vary in national and international travels, it is mandatory to retain the receipt of the confirmation for PIR.

Missing Luggage

The joy of travel and leisure is besmirched due to the missing of your luggage. If the delayed luggage could not have found within a few days, it should be reported as the case of luggage missing. This luggage problem also comes under PIR. When you file a luggage missing complaint, you should submit the list of contents, which helps to process the search for missing luggage faster. All the documents such as invoices, tickets, etc. should be submitted. So, the authorities will take the problem seriously. It will take around 20 days to refund the initial expense without the baggage. Thus, you should apply for all types of insurance options, which will appear when you book for travel.

Luggage Theft

Though this is an extreme case, the luggage is declared as theft when the missing luggage is not found. If you do not get back your luggage even within two months, the possibility of theft is very high.

Most Modern Luggage Handling Solutions

Permanent and Home Printed Bag Tags

Permanent bag tag is not a new concept, but its importance is increasing rapidly. This is a reusable tag, which makes use of NFC (Near Field Communication) and/or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Permanent bag tags are the best alternative for traditional paper bag tags. It can be used in all airports irrespective of the size.

Permanent and home-printed bag tags are extremely helpful for solving problems that are associated with the airport check-in process. Transporting luggage to and from the airport is a stressful experience. Baggage delivery service is a great solution for this problem. Thus, your luggage will be delivered directly to your hotel once you land and from your hotel to the airport during your return journey. You can book this service in advance through your smartphone. You can also track the status of your bag by using your smartphone. Once the bag is delivered, you will get an SMS.

AirPortr is the baggage delivery service of London. Bags VIP is the similar service that is offered widely in the US. However, AirPortr is more useful than Bags VIP.

Remote/Offsite Bag Drop

This service allows you to check-in and drops off your luggage at a downtown location. At present, this service is offered by Air Arabia, Las Vegas McCarran Airport, and Abu-Dhabi Airports Company. Though it makes the life of travelers easier, it is not a mainstream offer for passengers.

Though lots of latest technologies are available for reducing luggage problems, some mishandled luggage is inevitable. It will affect the travel and leisure of a minority of passengers. Though it will take time to eradicate the problem, the airlines can surely make the reporting and processing of lost bags simpler.

Some Common Luggage Problems and Solutions

Damaged Wheels

Wheels are an essential part of a luggage, which helps to push and pull your heavy bags. They are highly helpful when you travel heavy. Therefore, wheels of the luggage can be damaged very easily. Almost all stress and pressure are carried by the wheels. 50, even the most durable wheels can be broken.

You can solve this problem if you purchase luggage with detachable wheels. Thus, you can replace the damaged wheels with a new one by using some tools.

Cracking of Hard Shell

Cracking of the hard shell is the other common problem that is associated with the luggage. It does not mean that suitcase with hard shell is durable. If you purchase cheap hard-shelled suitcase, it may crack very easily. Therefore, you should purchase a suitcase very carefully.

Damaged Zipper

A stuck zipper is the other major problem on luggage. This is a troublesome problem because it will risk the protection of your things. Mostly, the zipper will work properly if you remove the yarn or hair stuck in it. Rubbing the zipper with candles of wax sticks will also really helpful.


A good luggage set is essential for making a joyful and stress-free journey. Even if you do not travel frequently, it is good to invest in a durable and sturdy luggage, which helps you make an emergency trip. The luggage must be durable, convenient to use, stylish, and mobile.

Once you reach home from a wonderful journey, you should unzip your suitcase and check it very carefully. Introduction of foreign species through luggage is very common. But, you can avoid it very easily. Your luggage will not become infested if you keep your luggage sealed very tightly. You should also keep your luggage off the ground. The food items should be kept out of your luggage. Your travel and leisure will be highly enjoyable and stress-free if you take care of all these things.

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