Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks Review


Are you passionate about air hockey? Or are you looking for effective ways to keep your children indoors? Air hockey is the answer as children love it too. Even if numerous packages feature a set of pucks and pushers, they are not of high quality. You will realize that some of them will break within days of use after purchase. However, the fun does not have to stop there.

Nevertheless, the challenge comes in when you go to the market and you are spoilt for choice due to the high number of brands available and you do not know the best to pick. To make this simpler, after a lengthy evaluation of the various brands on the market that are available, Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks has been found to be the best package based on various factors. Below is a genuine Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks review.

Features of Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks

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These are one of the few packages that have numerous outstanding features as compared to similar products on the market today. Additionally, these blue pushers and the red pucks provide umpteen conveniences when it comes to playing air hockey. One of these conveniences includes affordability due to the product's pocket-friendly price. To find out more, go through this review in order to make an informed decision.

Sturdy handles

The air hockey pushers can also be termed as goalies, strikers, mallets or handles. The handles of Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks are of high quality. Their standards are second to none ad this is one of the features that make this product stand out.

Due to this quality and the fact that they are made using thick plastic, these lolly-life handlers are indeed sturdy. When playing, you will never find them folding like those of other similar products. Despite the fact they are sturdy, they are also easy, fun to hold and soft. You can easily move around with them.

At the bottom of these handlers, you will find the felt attached. In case you come across one that is unattached, it will not take much of your time to attach the felt to the pushers using a strong glue. If you have children who love conveniences, this one will be a deal breaker. Regardless of how many strikes you are willing to have, these handles will always be intact.

Perfect size and weight

Whenever you will purchase a toy for your children, one critical consideration is the weight. This is because it will be a wastage of money and time buying a toy that is too heavy for your child to play with.

Unlike other pucks and pushers that are too huge for children to handle, this package is light enough for your kids to play around with comfortably. Light pucks are important as they easily glide and fly while light pushers are convenient to move around.

The pushers of this package are 3-5.8 inches in width and 2-3.8 inches in height. The pucks, on the other hand, are 2-1/2 inches thick. These are the recommended dimensions for air hockey toys. In case you end up purchasing heavier pucks and pushers for your children, they might get hurt.


Many are the products on the market today that lose their value within a short time of purchase. However, the case is not hopeless as Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks is an exception. The material that has been used to make these pushers and pucks is long lasting. This ensures that the product gives you a prolonged service before you go back to the market for a replacement.

To enhance pressure resistance on the pushers and pucks of this package, they have been designed using high impact plastic. Therefore, despite the pressure applied to them by your children, they are not subjects to wear and tear. The pucks have been designed in such way that they are thick enough to withstand pressure upon impact.

Despite the fact that kids are usually aggressive from one time to another, you will have to be worry free with this package. This is because it is a package that has been made for such aggressive times, to rise up to such occasions. Normal pucks and pushers colors' can fade with time, but the blue and red color never fade.

Perfect fit for your table

Are you uncertain about whether the package will fit on your table? You do not have to worry about whether they will be too big or small for your table. This is because this product has been designed to fit all the home tables. As you might have realized, pushers and pucks for home tables are a challenge to come by and this is why you should not even think twice about purchasing them for your kids. The manufacturer of this amazing set had you into consideration when designing this best home table package.


Have you ever come across black pucks? If not, they are there, but they can't be easily spotted in dark areas. The Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks feature bright attractive colors that which you can easily spot anywhere. Therefore, you will not struggle to look for these pucks when they fly off the table during the play.

In addition, blue and red are bold colors that are very attractive not only to children but also adults. Kids tend to play for longer with attractive toys as compared to dull ones. Brighten the mood of your children upon purchase of this toy.

No fancy packaging

Have you ever noticed that heavily fancy packages are more expensive than their counterparts? It is fortunate that this package is not too fancy to the extreme. However, it does not mean that it is not of amazing quality.


  • There is quick delivery
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • It is a reliable package
  • Amazing customer care
  • Comes in attractive colors
  • The pucks easily glide across the table


  • No money-back guarantee

Final Verdict

Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks is a great purchase. It is not only for your children, as adults also play air hockey. To ensure that you get the best experience out of this game, you need to invest in the best pucks and pushers on the market today. Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks will make great indoor recreational or professional game. The convenient the package, the more enjoyable the experience is. There is no better offer for this game than the Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks.

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