Best Window Fan Reviews – Top 10 Hottest List for Sep. 2021


The day is warmer but the inky night is cold. In these trying times of spreading ill-health, we have to protect ourselves from the swinging weather.

And now that we’re eating out less often, the lingering smoke and spicy aromas from cooking are presenting a challenge, too. Fret not. For both cases, we have the answer - a window fan! Fitting snugly to your windows, these fans can regulate the airflow in your home or ventilate your kitchen.

We have scoured religiously for the best window fans available. Because how do you choose between the multitudes of brands, types, sizes, power, and cost options? Well, that’s where our expert team of researchers comes in!

We aim to get you value products for your hard-earned money. So, let's not waste time and see all the valuable models we have gathered.

Best Window Fan Comparison:

10 Best Window Fans for 2021

Best window fans over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. Air King 9166F Whole House Window Fan - (Highly Rated, Well-Priced Product - Best of the Best)

Air King 9166F Whole House Window Fan

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As our ultimate choice, this fan combines the desired aspects: power and convenience. Its Storm Guard feature sets it apart from the rest. With this, you can secure your house by closing your window behind the fan. Normally, with window fans, you have to remove the device. This one saves you the hassle.

The powerhouse motor is capable of bringing in a high-velocity breeze to a moderately sized apartment. With its impact resistance and grills and blades built of powder-coated steel, the Air King 9166F gives you lasting durability. So, you can use it for 2 to 3 years- even longer if you take good care of it!

What We Liked

  • Powerful 120V and 1/6 horsepower motor.
  • It has three speeds with RPM 1600, 1450, and 1100 at high, mid, and low covering cubic feet per minute: 3560, 3120, and 2510.
  • The switch is front-mounted for your convenience.
  • This fan is industrial grade and tested with adherence to AMCA standard 230-99.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The fan can get noisy and tends to rattle on max settings.

Genesis Twin Window Fan

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Doubling as a thermostat and fan, the Genesis Twin brand fan is one of the best window fans to have in your arsenal. To put it simply, this excels as a dual window fan above the rest. It’s no louder than its competitors but it still gives you robust power. The blades are slightly larger and the motor packs a punch.

It’s capable of being both an exhaust fan and one that intakes the outside air. Waving off smoke from your house is a piece of cake for this one. You can enjoy clean air within your home without having to break the bank, as this is also an energy-saving product.

What We Liked

  • Powerful and durable copper motor with 3-speed settings.
  • Thermostat ranging from 60-80 degrees with LED indicators.
  • It’s highly versatile and portable with two removable legs. So, you can modify it as a stand fan and use it.
  • Dual expandable side panels to fit windows of varying sizes.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The expected amount of low-level noise can be bothersome for people with sensitive ears.

3. Holmes Bionaire BWF0522M Compact Window Fan - (We Choice for Window Exhaust Fan)

Holmes Bionaire BWF0522M Compact Window Fan

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The compact window fan that brings in the nourishing air from outside to your home - Homes Bionaire BWF0522M is the one! It’s a small and mighty beast.

For cool climates, it can bring warmth in. For hotter ones, this fan generates large amounts of air. This makes it effective at keeping unwanted odors or smoke out of the house.

Though one complaint we have is the convoluted design making it hard to reverse the airflow. But it's not an issue depending on who you are as a buyer. If you’re only looking for a single functionality- in or out, you don't need to worry. And it makes up for this lacking by making the fan usable both horizontally and vertically.

What We Liked

  • 40% more powerful and 25% more compact than comparable fans available in the market.
  • The locking extender screens make for a tight and versatile fit.
  • 3-speed settings for your choice of comfort.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The settings are complicated and hard to reach.
  • Control switches are both inside and outside the unit, meaning someone could turn it off from outside.

Nature's Cooling Solutions Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan

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The best window fan in tune with nature is this innovative option by Nature’s Cooling solutions. Want to cool your room but you’re trying to shave off the electricity bills? Or, maybe you’re someone that avails products based on the environmental impact.

Either way, this fan effortlessly maximizes the air outside to cool your room. And what do you know? It comes with a thermostat. You can use it alongside an AC and you will find both products becoming more efficient. Alone, it’s an intuitive servicing cooler in its own right!

What We Liked

  • Smart cooler with a thermostat.
  • Saves electricity and utility bills.
  • Built-in rain guard.
  • Humidity and temperature sensors automatically adjust the fan to the weather outside by turning it on/off.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The external temperature sensor may give false readings under long exposure to the direct sun.
  • Bit noisy.

5. Air King 9155 16-Inch Window Fan - (Our Best Pick’s Little Brother)

Air King 9155 16-Inch Window Fan

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Another bang for the buck by Air King- this fan is basically a smaller version of our earlier powerhouse. It has the same storm guard, allowing you a security measure for closing your window behind the fan. As it is smaller, it is less powerful but it can still air your whole house.

The build quality is sturdy as expected. The styrene housing and the high-quality metal front grill make this durable. One downside seems to be that it’s noisier, but we think that’s the give and take for the huge air pressure it provides.

If you have less need for the strong gusts of wind of 9166F, you can go for this one. It won’t disappoint.

What We Liked

  • Powerful 120V and 1/6 horsepower motor.
  • Rotary switches that are front-mounted, giving 3 options for speed.
  • It’s super easy to install.
  • Capable of cooling the house without an air conditioner.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Noise and rattling is an issue, even at a medium setting.

6. Holmes Dual 8" Blade Twin Window Fan - (Best for Double Use- Intake or Exhaust)

Holmes Dual 8" Blade Twin Window Fan

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This dual-fan by Holmes may be the one-stop solution for circulating the stilted air in your home AND exhausting out undesired fumes.

That’s because the blades are both reversible and independent of each other! You can set both to intake air or exhaust, or have one of each.

The screen that comes with this is quite adjustable. And it doesn’t end there! With a workable thermostat, this fan is one of the most cost-effective buys you can make.

What We Liked

  • It’s energy-efficient and claims to use up to 60% less energy.
  • Comes with water-resistant motors.
  • Easy to install.
  • Little noise compared to the level of output air.
  • You can switch from a high/low or a thermostat degree setting.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It may have a pitchy whining sound on a low setting but is pretty quiet on high levels.

Iliving 24 Inch Smart Remote Shutter Exhaust Fan

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This convenient smart fan comes with a remote and shutter, in a portable size. With its corrosion resistance, you can comfortably use it in your attic, greenhouse, or garage. Though it is small, it has the power to cool an area of 4244 cubic feet per minute.

It’s made for heavy-duty use. The frame is of galvanized steel and the shutters are weather resistant. The aluminum propellers keep the noise level at a minimum, so you can do your work in peace. Overall, it’s a great window fan.

What We Liked

  • Wall-mount design makes it easy to install.
  • Made of durable, high-grade metal components.
  • The motor is pretty powerful with 120V and 1/4 HP.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It has a bit of a gritty look, which can be unsightly to some.
  • Not as powerful as its competitors at the price.

Lasko 16" Electrically Reversible Window Fan

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The Lasko 16” is another fan with a storm guard option. These always come in handy, especially in unsafe areas where you have to keep your windows shut. The fan is quite light-weight as the housing is plastic. That coupled with the compact size makes this a good fit for windows that can’t handle heavy loads.

It’s also electrically reversible. So, it can both bring in the fresh air and circulate out the stale air from inside your room. A big caveat here is that better options exist for this exact price point. But, as a standalone, it’s a good enough product to consider.

What We Liked

  • Adequate room cooling.
  • The panels are extendable so you can custom fit the fan to your sliding or even double-hung windows.
  • Easy to install.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The plastic build quality is flimsy and feels like the cheaper side.
  • The cord juts out of the front dial of the fan.

9. Lasko W09560 Bluetooth Enabled Twin 9-Inch Window Fan - (We Choice for Household Window Fan)

Lasko W09560 Bluetooth Enabled Twin 9-Inch Window Fan

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We bring you another twin window fan that is independently programmable. And what’s more, each 9” fan comes with its own remote, making the transitions far more convenient.

A feature unique to this is its Bluetooth compatibility. So, you can control the airflow in your home with a tap in your smartphone. Losing remotes or worrying about running out of batteries are things of the past!

The digital thermostat keeps track of the room temperature and switches the fan on and off for you! Moreover, the 3 speeds it provides all create a low-decibel white noise. So, it’s soothing more than it is distracting. For our readers who are on the lazier side, this may be the best window fan.

What We Liked

  • Bluetooth connection for easier control.
  • Intuitive thermostat.
  • It has an electronic 8-hour timer, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off on time.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not very durable or long-lasting.
  • We do not recommend quick switching the fan directions as the fused plug cannot deal with it.

10. CCC Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan - (Best for Insect-Infested or Polluted Areas)

CCC Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan

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Are you worried about bugs finding their way into your house with the fresh breeze? That’s what this fan is here to solve! The exclusive bug screen and cover are both removable and do an amazing job at keeping out humid air and pesky winged creatures.

In circulating mode, one of the dual fans is set to expel out the stale air while the other calls in new winds. Or, you can make them work in the same direction for maximum cooling/exhausting the air.

Its versatile aspect is that you can use it on desks, tables, etc by removing the feet. A drawback here is that the fan is small. But rest assured, that it’s brimming with features.

What We Liked

  • Remote gives you control over all functions from a distance.
  • It comes with expandable side panels that fit both slider and casement windows.
  • Its exclusive bug screen and cover feature.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some units have faulty parts.
  • Loud humming that doesn’t make sense as its air output is medium.

Final Verdict

We hope we helped you get your pick out of the best window fans in 2021!

Our curated list comprises different ranges of products because we understand our customers. There is no one size that can accommodate all. Everyone has their needs and desires. The ones that suit our readers’ needs the most are the ones we hope to highlight.

A few features to consider before buying:

  • According to your desire, check if the fan is reversible.
  • In most cases, single fans pack power, two-fan models provide balance and three-fan systems are weaker but a slimmer fit.
  • The controls for speed and whether their placement is convenient can have an impact on your daily usage.
  • For long-term use, the models should have low maintenance and high durability.
  • The airflow should be strong but not too gusty.
  • The noise level should be as low as possible, but you may have to compromise to some noise for high air pressure outputs.

With that last bit of advice, we are ready to say goodbye. Keep warm and safe this winter.

Happy holidays!

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