Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews – Top 10 Hottest List for Oct. 2021


We all love to keep our swimming pool in immaculate condition but let’s all just agree that we hate the tedious cleaning process required for it. That’s when robotic pool cleaners come into the picture.These cool, nifty machines do a better job than manual cleaning and the best part, they do it without bickering about it all day long.

You should take your time vetting the reviews, weighing up the pros and cons and comparing the features before picking up a product and going to town on it. That’s because these machines are a serious investment and they certainly don’t come cheap.

Gone are the days when you could blindly trust whatever you read online (nobody should have ever done that). Sadly, the web world is full of misinformation and fake reviews which could easily fool you into buying a wrong, pathetic pool cleaner.

We don’t you to go through all that trouble for nothing. So our team has spent hours narrowing down your options to 10 best robotic pool cleaners, so that you don’t have to. So, without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase:

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison:

10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for 2021

Best robotic pool cleaners over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner - (Highly-rated, Well-priced Product / Best of the Best)

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You must have come across this brand plenty of times if you have already done some primary research on this topic. CC plus is their flagship model for a number of good reasons. The ease-of-use is certainly one of its top-selling points. It takes care of pool cleaning duties in roughly 2 hours at the simple press of a button.

There are no hose, pumps or any other extra equipment to deal with to get started. This device works best in pools up to 50 ft. and has three work settings that let’s fine-tune the cleaning intensity based on how often you clean your pool. Every Day, Every Other Day and Every 3rd Day are the 3 choices of settings you have.

Plus, you can schedule the device to do the cleaning using your preferred setting each week. To suck the yuck out of your swimming pool water, this device is equipped with top-of-the-line 4-stage filters.

The tangle-free, albeit slightly short cable allows it to roam freely in your pool, enabling it to eliminate dirt from the farthest zones of your pool area. CC plus is well-capable of cleaning infinity pools as well.

Its dual scrubbing brushes can sweep the most stubborn dirt off the floors and walls. Yes, it can climb cement walls at an angle, not straight. Due to this, it does miss some spots on the wall and that’s its only Achilles heel.

What we liked

  • Premium 4-stage filters.
  • Incredible suction power.
  • Great traction and climbs cement walls quite easily at an angle.
  • Works at the push of a button, doesn’t require any additional equipment.
  • Can be scheduled for weekly cleaning.
  • Dual voltage (100-240v) compatibility.

What we didn't like

  • Does not clean the steps.
  • Misses a few spots on the walls.

2. DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner - (Amazon’s Top Pick)

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While we all agree that this robotic pool cleaner falls on the costlier side of the cost spectrum, it does pay for itself in the long run. If your pool has lots of trees around it or gets super dirty due to strong wind or storm, Premier is a holy grail product for you.

This bad boy packed with dual motors, giving you all the torque you need to clean the settled dust and pollen off the surface, waterline, and walls. At times, it might get stuck on the raised drains for a few seconds but it quickly wiggles out of it. You can even call the customer care to receive a small outlet flow diverter unit for free that will keep your robot from getting stuck on the raised drains.

However, if you have a steel liner pool, Dolphin could struggle climbing the uneven surfaces. We are also not happy with the placement of the control buttons. They are a bit hard to see. However, you will get a hang of them after using the unit for a couple of times.

It comes with a large dirtbag to collect all the crap that pollutes your pool water on a daily basis. What amazed us the most was its ability to flush out dirt we didn’t even know existed in the first place. The box also includes 3 sizes of filters into a fine particle filter that should keep your water optimally clean and hygienic.

The unit beeps when the bag is clogged or the filter has reached its max cleaning capacity. Cleaning up the bag and filter is a no-brainer.

What we liked

  • Comes with microfilter as well as large particle filters and an oversized dirt bag.
  • Filter cleanup is a breeze.
  • Starts cleaning at the mere push of a button.
  • Cleans every square inch of the pool surface.
  • Can be programmed for weekly cleaning.

What we didn't like

  • Can’t clean the steps and ledges.
  • The control buttons are a bit hard to see due to their inconvenient placement.

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Triton is one of those rare breeds of robotic pool cleaners that can gently crawl up to the top steps and scrub off the accumulated dust. This is possible because of Dolphin’s state-of-the-art PowerStream Technology that allows the robotic cleaner a fantastic traction on vertical surfaces.

The swivel cable is truly tangle-free, allowing the cleaner to roam freely inside the pool. You might still have to reach for a broom if you want the steps immaculate.

The unit comes with fine and super-fine filter sets that can remove dust, pollens and many other super-fine contaminants in a jiffy. Depending on the dirt-level of your pool water, you might have to remove and clean the filter basket after 3 or 4 cycles. You can keep this little puppy in your pool all the time and program it to run the cleaning cycle every week on your preferred speed setting.

What we liked

  • Does a decent job on the top and bottom steps.
  • Leaves the tiles squeaky clean.
  • Comes with easily removable fine and superfine mesh filters.
  • The top-load extra-large filter basket can hold a massive amount of dirt and debris.
    Tangle-free cable.

What we didn't like

  • Occasionally leaves some spots unattended and instead, spends too much time on a particular area, especially in curved pools.

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In a market almost monopolized by a Dolphin, Hayward has carved out a niche market for itself and also a soft corner in our research team’s heart. This PoolVac cleaner is a huge value for money for buyers who don’t want to spend a fortune on pool upkeep.

The SmartDrive tech integrated into the device enables it to keep track of its current position and determine where to go next. This means the bot will cover your pool surface down to the last inch, leaving no spot unattended. The newest models boast of upgraded vacuum wings, leading to stronger suction power and thus, a more thorough vacuuming.

It comes with all the basic accessories i.e hoses, vacuum gauge, and filters. From pebble tec pools to standard vinyl pools, this bot cleaner does a fine job in most types of pools. We also loved the fact that almost every part of the machine is easily replaceable. If you’re lucky and a little careful with the machine, it can easily run for 3-4 years. Then you replace the insides and it’s good to go for another couple of years.

What we liked

  • The vac works at lightning-fast speed without the skimmer.
  • Super easy to setup.
  • Comes with a small spring-loaded device that lets you adjust the pump speed for correct
  • pressure. Hayward requires a certain pressure range to function optimally.
  • Easily filters out ultra small objects from the deep end of the pool.
  • Highly durable and low maintenance.

What we didn't like

  • The little drive feet wear out easily. However, they can be replaced easily without burning a hole in the pocket.

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If you are sick of manually skimming tons of leaves, buds, flowers and dead bugs from the surface of your pool, NX2 can handle that chore on your behalf. You don’t have to rob a bank own this mini, solar-powered skimmer beast.

It works great in super windy conditions and its smart tracking technology bars it from getting stuck at one place for more than a few seconds. This simply means it will scoop up the gunk from every corner of your pool surface without a hitch.

It can sit in the pool all day long, come rain or come shine. The only time you need to take it out of the pool is when you’re swimming or need to clean the dirt basket. Speaking of, the basket is very easy to take out and slide back in.

What we liked

  • Comes with a dispenser tray for chlorine tablets.
  • Fast and energy-efficient.
  • Can sit in the pool 24/7, irrespective of the weather conditions.
  • Almost zero-maintenance.
  • Smart tracking function ensures proper coverage.

What we didn't like

  • Low life expectancy. Having said that, it will be silly to expect a low-cost robotic skimmer to last for years. You get what you pay for.

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This robotic pool cleaner is a great option for custom shaped in-ground pools, which is something regular automatic pool cleaners struggle with. Thanks to its ActivMotion Sensor technology which is basically a smart navigation system, this bad boy can touch up every single corner of your pool.

It also employs a special rear water propulsion system to scoop out the slimy dirt that settles in the hard-to-reach corners, especially under the stairs. We are quite impressed by its suction power and the ability to filter out both large and small debris with equal precision.

The tangle-free, long swivel cord included with the unit is another nice touch. Pair it up with our previously reviewed Solar Breeze skimmer and your pool water will be in peak condition even on the windiest days.

What we liked

  • Works fine in large, custom-shaped pools.
  • Leaves the tight corners spotless once the cleaning cycle is complete.
  • Doesn’t require a booster pump to work.
  • Climbs on and scrubs the steep vertical surfaces with zero issues.
  • Steadily climbs for the walls.

What we didn't like

  • Quite heavy, even with no water in it.

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SharkVac is another budget-friendly option on our list that does a fine job on the pool surface and the walls. Considering the price, it’s traction on the vertical surfaces are surprisingly good. It comes with two sets of filters: standard-sized filters for large debris and leaves and a pair of fine-mesh filters for those tiny menacing dirt particles.

One thing to note here is that although SharkVac easily climbs the wall, it won’t go above the waterline. And you may still have to occasionally clean the sides manually.

Since the unit is unable to map your pool, we’d suggest turning off the pool pump when the machine is running the cleaning cycle. This will prevent the cleaner from getting pushed in arbitrary directions. However, this does not mean you can’t run the pump when the cleaner is running. It’s just a hack we learned while doing a test run.

What we liked

  • Comes with two sets of pre-installed filters, including two small fine filters.
  • Simple push-button operation.
  • Thoroughly scrubs the sides as walls.
  • Works great on in-ground as well as above-ground pools surrounded by trees.

What we didn't like

  • Opening the lid and accessing the filters for cleaning could take some getting used to.

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Any list concerning the best robotic pool cleaners of this year will remain half-baked without the mention of this model. The new, updated Prowler 820 cleans the wall, steps, and seats built into the deeper end of the pool with incredible precision. If you have a big pool with vinyl liner whose walls are full of nasty algae, this little beast can take care of those without your supervision.

After the cleaning cycle is complete, the machine will climb up to the waterline and slowly go back down to the bottom. The addition of jammed filter alert is a nice touch. We also loved inclusion of a cart with the unit. It just makes moving around the heavy unit easier on our back muscles.

What we liked

  • Leaves the walls and steep sides immaculate.
  • Works fine in large in-ground endless pools.
  • Comes with a cart for easy portability.
  • Easy-to-clean filters.
  • Does not interrupt the pump system of the pool.

What we didn't like

  • Has trouble cleaning the tight corners.
  • Cannot clean the high steps.

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CC Supreme is one of Dolphin’s latest creations and we are quite impressed with the solid, mechanically-useful features Dolphin has introduced here. From the motor to the quality of the scrubbing brushes, everything is updated and top-notch in this model. The triple brush design not only improves the quality of spot cleaning but also prevents the device from getting stuck in the drains.

By downloading the MyDolphin Plus app on your smartphone, you will be able to use your phone as a remote control for the device. The app will let you switch between different cleaning modes, pre-program the cleaning schedule or delay the cleaning schedule.

CC Supreme employs two cleaning modes for added convenience. The Quick cleaning mode will only scrub the floors and is a life-saver when your friends are coming over for an impromptu pool party. Then there is the standard cleaning mode that thoroughly cleans the whole pool surface including the sides and walls.

What we liked

  • Hardly ever gets in the drains.
  • The flawless spot cleaning quality will keep your pool filtration system cleaner than usual.
  • Can be controlled remotely using the MyDolphin Plus app.
  • Quick and standard cleaning mode.
  • The included micro-filters is great at picking up sand, pollen and other harmful fine particles.

What we didn't like

  • Not great at climbing steps and curved walls.

10. Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner - (Best Technically-sound New Model)

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Escape is one of the newest kids on the block from the house of robotic pool cleaners maestro Dolphin. Don’t be misled by the title of the product. It works equally well for in-ground pools as well. Thanks to the integration of low voltage DC motors, this beast gets your pool surface squeaky clean with just 180 watts of power.

This is drastically lower compared to what most standard models require. Its active scrubbing brushes remove the most stubborn dirt from the surface and sides. Like all Dolphin models, this also boasts of a smart navigation system that appears to be able to sense shapes and direction, leading to a thorough efficient cleaning.

What we liked

  • Impeccably power-efficient.
  • Quick 1.5 hours of cleaning cycle.
  • Does a brilliant job of scrubbing the pool bottom.
  • Top-load filters are easy to access and clean.
  • Great surface coverage.

What we didn't like

  • Can climb the walls but only halfway up. You will have to scrub the walls and steep sides manually.

Final Verdict

So that was our take on the best robotic pool cleaners of 2021 in various budget groups that are worth a shot. It took us countless cups of coffee, hours of relentless research, feature-by-feature analysis and a side-by-side comparison to come up with this list.

We did everything a smart person would do before buying something as important as a robotic pool cleaner online. We took care of the hard part and now it’s your turn to do your bidding.

Read our reviews carefully and trust your intuition because that thing hardly ever misguides. Let’s hope you end up finding what you came here looking for after reading this piece. That’s all we hope for. Thanks for reading along and good luck! 

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