Best Humidifier in UK – Top 10 Hottest List for May. 2020


Humidity is a natural moisturizing agent. It prevents skin dryness, chapped lips, and stuffy sinuses during cold weather. That’s why dry weather is tough for people prone to flu and dry skin problem. Humidifiers prevent these issues by simply increasing air humidity to safe levels.

No matter which type you choose, make sure it has the right size and capacity for your room. After uncountable hours of rigorous lab testing, we have finally narrowed down the options to 10 products. We have made sure all the humidifiers included in this list are energy-efficient and fuss-free to maintain. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the reviews.

Best Humidifier Comparison:

10 Best Humidifiers for 2020

Best humidifier over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. AMIR 150ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser - Highly-rated, Well-priced product / Best of the Best

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After examining over 20 products for over 2 years, our entire team has unanimously agreed that AMIR 150ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is our favourite. It is not just the cool, candle-like design that caught our fancy. This model combines contemporary design with solid performance. Our testers were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use this humidifier cum aroma diffuser. The open top makes filling the reservoir a breeze.

Twist the top open, add the water, close the lid, plug in the machine, done! We also loved the addition of a measuring jug that prevented us from overfilling the tank. The quiet and energy-efficient machine is best suited for medium-size rooms. Although we did hear a slight noise created by the fan, it would be inaudible to you unless you really pay attention.

To fill the room with a soothing fragrance, all you need to do is add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in the water. If you or somebody in your family has a serious coughing problem, put Eucalyptus in the diffuser chamber and the issue is likely to go away in a week.

The auto shut-off feature is another brilliant addition for light sleepers. When the tank runs out of water, its auto shut-off feature shuts down the system, letting you snooze peacefully through the night. The diffuser lets you tweak the colour and pattern of the light to your preference, allowing you to create a relaxing atmosphere for even the most insomniac toddlers.

You can even turn off the lights if darkness is what you prefer whilst sleeping. We also found the unit easier to keep clean that all the other products on our list. Although, it is not the most powerful humidifier money can buy, it sure is a low-maintenance humidifier with multiple functions at a very modest price.

What we liked

  • Aroma diffuser.
  • Nightlight function that can be adjusted to preference.
  • Convenient to use and maintain.
  • Stylish design that gels with the decor of any room.
  • Lends a small foothold.

What we didn't like

  • Not suitable for large rooms.

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The next humidifier on our list costs only a few bucks more than our top pick and boasts of much larger capacity. This all-rounder humidifier system can instantly bring the moisture level up in rooms up to 40 square metres. When you put a few drops of essential oil in the water, in a few seconds, you can see puffs of aromatic cool mist releasing from the diffuser.

Tenswall is also one of the few models we have found that has a kid-friendly, leak-proof design. Unlike other cool mist humidifiers, it does leave specs of white dust on the furniture or drops of condensed water at the base. After plugging in, it only takes a couple of seconds to releasing a soul-enriching fragrance that’ll effectively eliminate cough, headache and other ailments caused by dry air.

Although we don’t encourage smoking at all, our testers noted that if you use a strong, scented oil and put the diffuser on immediately after smoking, it can effectively mask the smell of cigarettes. The multifunction diffuser is not only easy on the eyes but is also engineered with a number of smart features. For one, it features dedicated buttons for tweaking the timer and color of the lights.

We find thee buttons much more convenient than having to twist a knob time and again. The machine is perfect for using in kids’ room, especially who struggle to sleep. The operation is virtually noiseless. All you could hear is a gentle, relaxing low humming sound.

What we liked

  • Safe to use in children’s rooms.
  • Dedicated buttons for controlling the mist, timer settings and lights.
  • Silent operation.
  • The water tank is made from BPA free material.
  • Can maintain a safe humidity level in 40 square metre rooms.

What we didn't like

  • You need to add a generous amount of oil to get a strong smell.

3. Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier - Best Overall

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Unlike the previous two models, the Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier has a high upfront cost. However, our testers were very much pleased with the chore-free cleaning process. A simple twist will detach the main body from the base, helping you thoroughly clean the inside. Also, the replacement filter is easily available and is a breeze to replace. And even if you do struggle, the instruction manual will guide you through the process. Coming to the performance, the model has steam control settings and an oil tray at the base.

If you or your kids suffer from a hacking cough or sore throat, keeping the diffuser on for the whole night can help them enjoy a peaceful sleep. Just like AMIR and Tenswall, this one too comes with light changing feature. The soft ambient lights create a soothing atmosphere. The best part is- it uses an ultrasonic motor to pump out the vapour. Therefore, you cannot hear but the calming sound of water while the machine is misting.

The reservoir has a capacity of 2.8 litres which avoids the problem of frequent refilling. Once filled to the recommended level, it can for about an entire day in small to medium rooms. Add to that, the unit shuts itself down automatically when the water level is low, a staple feature in most upscale humidifiers these days. Although the manufacturer recommends rinsing the tank every week, our experts could argue that cleaning the device daily would be the safest practice.

What we liked

  • Energy-efficient, leak-proof design.
  • Extremely easy to clean.
  • The oil tray is located at the bottom.
  • Filters are easy to replace.
  • Adjust the flow of the steam by simply twisting the knob.
  • Color LED ambient lights.

What we didn't like

  • There is no twist lock mechanism for the detachable main body and the base unit.

4. ANSIO Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - Runner-up, Best Overall

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For some, having an aroma diffuser in a humidifier is nothing but a redundancy. The ANSIO Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is not by far the best humidifier on our list. However, if you are solely looking for a machine that’ll bump up the humidity level in a small space, this model could be a great value for money. Not only is the humidifier a treat for the eyes but its auto shut-off feature also eliminates the risk of overheating.

We especially loved how with just one refill, the system will pump out enough steam for over 10+ hours. What also makes our pick stand out is the dual speed control. Using this feature, you can regulate both the speed and direction of the vapour. Our team members noted that using distilled water instead of hard water made cleaning the tank easier.

Unlike evaporative humidifiers, Ultrasonic humidifiers like this do not leave those annoying while mineral dust on your wooden furnishings and upholstery. The powerful motor is whisper-quiet, making it an ideal for installing in a baby’s room. Boy! They can be hard to put to sleep.

It even comes with a soft nightlight which can be turned off if you prefer darkness while sleeping. On the flipside, it does not have an in-built hygrometer but at this price-point, it would be unfair to expect this feature. Moreover, you can always purchase a separate hygrometer to monitor the humidity level.

What we liked

  • 1.5-litre tank.
  • Soft and relaxing ambient light.
  • The reservoir is easy to fill up.
  • Compact design.
  • Mist speed and direction controls.

What we didn't like

  • Cannot be used as an aroma diffuser.

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If you are looking for the best humidifier to treat rooms of 50 or larger, the Pro Breeze Ultrasonic Humidifier ticks all the right boxes. It houses a 3.5L tank which is large enough to hold enough water to last you through 36 hours. Our testers reported that refilling the tank as well as cleaning it was a painless process. Pro Breeze recommends rinsing it at least twice a week to keep the device in optimal condition.

Note that the model is one of the largest ones we have across in this segment. It might seem a bit intimidating to move the humidifier from one location to another. Moving on, upon switching the machine on, we could instantly notice visible clouds of mist getting dispersed all over the room.

As far as humidifying power is concerned, this model almost at par with the leading products on our list. What truly makes this product stand apart among its peers is the carbon filter.

It purifies the water before the steam is released, making sure the air you inhale is absolutely free of any form of contamination. If dry air causes you sore throat, congestion or a hacking cough, put a few drops of essential oil in the oil diffuser and bid adieu to everything that’s keeping you from enjoying a sound sleep.

The LED nightlight is basic, nothing to go swooning over. Thanks to the ultrasonic motor, the machine creates minimal sound while operating. It would be an overstatement to call it whisper-quiet. You can hear a low hum when during the nighttime.

What we liked

  • Large tank.
  • Easy setup and maintenance.
  • Built-in aroma diffuser.
  • LED nightlight.
  • Carbon filter.

What we didn't like

  • A bit on the heavier side.

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The Ultrasonic Humidification technology of PureMate eliminates common humidifier issues like over humidification and ensures about 20% increase in the moisture level within just 3 hours. What first caught our attention was the solid and sleek design that snugly fits into any corner of a standard medium-size room.

We first used regular water to fill the tank and observed a slight haze in the mist. The problem vanished as soon as we used distilled water, a common trait shared by most cool mist humidifiers in this price range.

The reservoir is fairly large. With a 4.5L tank, you don’t have to worry about refilling the tank for at least 3 days. Another very useful addition to this extremely well-engineered model is the auto Hygrostat sensor. If you are feeling too lazy to tweak the mist setting manually, put it on auto mode and relax.

All the controls are embedded in the remote control, even though the range is short, it gets the job done. You don’t have to panic if you lose the remote as the controls are duplicated on the device as well.

It also features a soft and dim night glow which you can’t turn off. Nonetheless, the faint blue light didn’t seem to disrupt our goodnight’s sleep. Those with allergy or asthma problems will be particularly benefitted by the ioniser combined in the machine. To further ensure the complete removal of harmful airborne particles, use a HEPA filter like we did and you are good to go.

What we liked

  • Built-in ioniser.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Auto setting.
  • Illuminated water tank to prevent overfilling.
  • Solid yet portable design.

What we didn't like

  • You have to use distilled water to fill the tank to avoid white dust buildup.
  • The remote control is very basic.

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This TaoTronics humidifier is a beautiful combination of a sturdy, leak-proof design and seamless performance. It does have its fair share of flaws, which is tactfully mitigated by the large tank capacity and precise mist controls. Built-in timer and mist presets are common to almost all premium TaoTronics humidifiers, this one is no exception.

TaoTronics recommend presetting the humidity level to 40-55%, and we strongly with them. Once the reservoir is filled, it can pump out purified steam into the air for 2-3 days. This may vary depending on the ambient humidity level and the device settings. However, one flaw we couldn’t get past was the inaccuracy of the humidistat.

To maintain the ideal humidity range, we strongly advise using a separate hygrometer. It indeed was the most silent unit out of the 4 TaoTronics model we tested. The only sound you might hear is the sound of trickling water which is actually relaxing. To further set up a perfect romantic mood, it has a faint blue light mode.

If you prefer complete darkness to doze off, simply switch on the night mode before hitting the sack. The controls are easy to get to grips with. It doesn’t have a remote control which was a slight let down to us as many of its direct competitors have this feature.

However, the easy and straightforward cleaning process somewhat makes up for it. Considering the overall performance, it is a decent purchase if you are looking for an easy to control and low-maintenance humidifier to get rid of dry air.

What we liked

  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Leak-proof construction.
  • Night mode.
  • Mist presets and timer.

What we didn't like

  • Humidistat.
  • The absence of remote control function.

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Hands down, the Real Bamboo humidifier is the coolest and most unique looking humidifier we have come across during the entire process. Apart from keeping the moisture level at optimal range, it also doubles up as an exotic decorative piece for homes and offices.

But looks are not that important a parameter to assess the quality of a humidifier. So moving on to scrutinizing the key features and performance, we were quite fascinated with how the device cycles through colours whilst diffusing.

Combined with the fresh and enriching aroma of essential oil, this creates quite a mood for a romantic date and a good night's sleep. There are 4 mist modes to choose from and timer settings. All you have to do is press the buttons as instructed by the manufacturer to adjust the settings to your preference. We ran the machine constantly for 10 hours hoping it would end up making a gurgling noise. But it maintained to keep the noise level below 32 dB all the time.

The only letdown was the capacity of the reservoir. 160 ml of water takes roughly 5-6 hours to fully deplete, much lower compared to the previous models that graced our list. In conclusion, even though we cannot call it the best humidifier in the market, it has its own unique advantages to help you replicate a spa-like ambience in your bedroom.

What we liked

  • 4 mist speed controls.
  • Easy controls.
  • Changing colours and aroma diffuser.
  • Noise-free.
  • Made from real bamboo, charming design.

What we didn't like

  • Low tank capacity.

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Another budget alternative to the likes of AMIR and TaoTronics, this ultrasonic humidifier from Yoleo is particularly liked by users for its high reservoir capacity and aesthetically pleasing design. What was slightly offputting in this otherwise well-built machine is the range of the released mist. You will have to place the humidifier really close to your bed or the sitting area to actually feel the puffs of cool mist.

Once filled, you don’t have to go back to refilling the tank in the next 24 hours. Best suited for medium-size apartments, the machine also employs the essential auto shut-off feature to avoid the risk of overheating. Even after keeping the device on overnight, we didn’t notice a pool of condensed water on the floor.

Although the manufacturer doesn’t openly recommend using essential oils, we did it anyway. After just 4 weeks, we observed minor cracks in the tank. So do not make the mistake of adding essential oil like we did. Moving on to the positives, the flow controls are highly responsive and colour changing lights create a charming atmosphere in the living room.

What we liked

  • 1.8L tank capacity.
  • Streamlined flow and power controls.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Doesn’t dampen the floor and carpet.

What we didn't like

  • Cannot and should not be used an aroma diffuser.

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Honeywell is famed for producing a premium selection of humidifiers. Their products strike the perfect balance between feature-packed design and usability. Out of the 5 Honeywell models we put under the scanner, we picked this one for a number of practical reasons. Even though the high upfront cost might seem a bit off-putting, you will end up saving on the electricity bill, in the long run, thanks to its durable and energy-efficient design.

With the help of one of our volunteers who happens to be a Physicist, we evaluated the humidifying power in a climate-controlled room. Our takeaway? The HH350E1 increased the humidity level by nearly 60% in less than 3 hours. We even performed a drop test to find out whether the equipment is truly as invincible as the makers claim.

Again, the results exceeded our expectations. The company’s patented Germ-Free technology and wicker filter effectively filter harmful airborne particles, bacteria and allergens. Moreover, you can simply turn on the auto settings if you want the unit to adjust the humidity range automatically. For a model as expensive as this one, the lack of remote control operation is disappointing.

It is also pretty heavy, therefore demands a lot of manpower to set up. The main reason why it’s on 10 is that you will get several other products with similar or higher humidifying power at half the price.

What we liked

  • Powerful filter and use of UV technology for maximum water purification.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Break-resistant frame.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy-to-use power controls.

What we didn't like

  • Bulky.
  • No remote control

Final Verdict

Choosing the best humidifier is never an easy task. Considering the sheer volume of options available, you are literally spoilt for choices. Our core team who evaluated every single product for over a span of 4 years made sure every product we pick is completely safe to use and delivers the performance it promises. We did not waste a minute dismissing models that couldn’t meet our extremely high standards.

The basic criteria for testing the models were- 1. The ease of refilling the tank, 2. How the humidifier performed under different climatic conditions, 3. Power control options, 4. Ease of maintenance, 5. Safety features and 6. Design. We have done our due diligence. Now you have to weigh up the information we have provided and make a choice that won’t make you regret in future.

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