Best Dehumidifier in UK – Top 10 Hottest List for Jun. 2022


High humidity is an underrated evil, don't you think? All the constant sweating, suffocation, musty smell, walls infested by mould growth, excessive moisture in the air can make your days hard and nights even harder.

Improving the ventilation of the room alone won't make much of a difference if the humidity level is way above 55%. If you think you survive the muggiest days of London summer by placing an extra fan right next to your bed, you're just kidding yourself.

It's about time you invest in a quality dehumidifier and get rid of all these humidity-induced issues once and for all. It won't be easy to pick a model that gets the job done without costing you your entire month's salary. Comparing the pros and cons, getting a deeper insight into the features and mechanism of a plethora of models could take you ages.

Not everyone has that kind of time or patience for it. And that's exactly when our guide comes to your rescue. We have listed off 10 best dehumidifiers in UK so that you don't have to. Our team deep dived into the web to discover authentic, unbiased information on the featured product to make sure you get your money's worth.

Here's our round-up of the most reliable and reasonably priced dehumidifiers you can find in UK today:

Best Dehumidifier Comparison:

10 Best Dehumidifier in UK for 2022

Best dehumidifier over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. Pro Breeze® 20L/Day Dehumidifier - (Highly Rated, Well-Priced Product - Best of the Best)

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There aren’t too many options in this price range that works as effectively in 80% or above humidity level as Pro Breeze. Highly damp places like the laundry room and basement which are most susceptible to mould growth will benefit the most from a machine like this.

It even features a dedicated laundry drying option to speed up the cloth drying time. In this mode, you can expect the moisture level to drop to 40% in less than 12 hours. Since it has an auto shut-off function too, you can run the device around the clock without worrying about a huge spike in your electricity bill.

All you have to do is set your target humidity level and let the machine take care of the rest. The unit will shut itself off as soon as the target humidity level is met. As simple as that. It houses a 5.5L reservoir that takes about a day to fill up, which speaks volume about the strength of this dehumidifier.

The appliance is loaded with a bunch of other practical features i.e fairly accurate humidity sensors, LED indicators to give you a quick overview of the moisture level present in the air, a nifty touch control panel, and a standard continuous drainage system. The fans on the unit operate on an acceptable sound level, neither whisper-quiet nor annoyingly loud.

What we liked

  • Four built-in modes to customize the performance according to the dampness level of the indoor air.
  • Responsive LED touch panel with built-in humidity level sensors.
  • Easy programmable timer and auto shut-off function.
  • Phenomenal energy efficiency.
  • Comes with sturdy wheels for easy transportation.

What we didn't like

  • The handle on the unit is kind of flimsy.
  • Taking off and re-attaching the reservoir effortlessly takes some getting used to.

Inventor EVA-II PRO 20LDay Dehumidifier

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This seemingly ordinary-looking compact dehumidifier is capable of pulling more moisture than some of its huge and bulky counterparts. Designed to operate on a temperature range between 1 °C to 37 °C which makes it suitable for extremely cold to moderately warm weather applications.

It’s a desiccant dehumidifier which essentially means it extracts the moisture without using a desiccant wheel instead of a compressor. Desiccant wheels, unlike compressors, don’t freeze as soon as the temperature goes below 10 °C.

Moreover, desiccant dehumidifiers are quieter compared to compressor-based units. It comes with all the must-have features such as sleep mode, timer settings, auto shut-off along with turbo mode for an extra kick when the situation demands it.

Its built-in humidistat constantly monitors the indoor air humidity level and adjusts the settings accordingly (in Continuous Dehumidification mode). For low to moderate humidity, you can switch on its Eco mode and enjoy efficient dehumidification without risking a huge surge on your monthly electricity consumption.

Moreover, desiccant wheels release a sort of warm-ish air into the air which increases the room’s temperature without the help of a radiator. Not just that, it also has an ioniser built into the appliance to reduce bacteria, germs, and musty smell from the air, creating a fresh and healthy atmosphere in your living space.

What we liked

  • Swinging function and 3 fan speeds.
  • Works best in low-temperature zones.
  • Quiet operation in medium to highest fan speed settings.
  • Built-in ioniser significantly improves indoor air quality.
  • Extracts about 6-8 litres of water from the air every 24 hours.
  • Energy-saving Eco mode along with three other operating modes.

What we didn't like

  • Is loud on the lowest fan setting and Eco mode.

3. NETTA Dehumidifier 12L/Day - (Runners up)

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Available in 12 L and 20 L variants, this low-profile, power-packed dehumidifier could be an ideal choice for ultra damp garages, laundry rooms, and basements. Setting up the unit is a breeze if you just use your common sense.

Don’t rely too much on the instructions as the poor Chinese to English translation won’t get you very far. The unit has multiple indicator lights of different colours. It could take you a couple of days to figure out what exactly each light indicates (for example, the power indicator light continuously flashes when the machine goes into defrost mode).

Nevertheless, NETTA is an unassuming beast, by all means. On the highest settings, it can pull a massive amount of moisture, bringing down the humidity level from 90% to 70% in just a couple of hours. Its auto mode and dry mode are true life (as well as energy) savers.

The first one prevents excessive power consumption by shutting off the device as soon as the tank is full. The dry mode amplifies the unit’s strength to quickly dry off damp clothes indoors.

Given the incredible dehumidifying strength of the appliance, we’d suggest using the built-in timer instead of letting the unit run all day long. It also features an ioniser to keep the indoor air immaculate and smelling fresh on the muggiest days of the year.

What we liked

  • Easy to bypass the collection tank for continuous drainage via a hose pipe.
  • Acceptably quiet on the lowest fan speed setting.
  • Quick and efficiency dry mode to dry out damp clothes, and shoes in a snap.
  • Built-in ioniser for air purification.
  • Simple and straightforward controls.

What we didn't like

  • The built-in humidistat is far from being accurate.
  • Poorly written instruction manual. Thankfully, you don’t have to heavily depend on the manual as the settings are pretty self-explanatory.

4. Meaco MeacoDry Dehumidifier 10L/Day - (Amazon’s Top Pick)

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If quiet operation, low-key design, and above all, value pricing are the qualities you are after, this one could well be the best dehumidifier in UK you can find at this moment. It’s a true “set and forget” dehumidifier that’s smartly engineered to keep the power consumption to a minimum.

It comes with an auto-defrost function too, so running it in low temperatures shouldn’t be a problem. You can access the auto-timer, auto shut-off, and humidity level settings on the top panel of the appliance. It offers two fan settings and even at max speed, the fan isn’t obnoxiously loud which is a rare quality to find in a dehumidifier in this price range.

It even has a library quiet mode to help you focus on your work while the machine pulls a massive amount of moisture from the air. Speaking of, it can extract up to 1.2L in every 2-2.5 hours which is phenomenal for any compact, value-priced dehumidifier. Its cloth drying ability is off the charts as well, thanks to its mega-powerful laundry mode.

What we liked

  • Great for small spaces.
  • Delightfully low power consumption.
  • Laundry mode for quick cloth drying.
  • Much quieter than an average dehumidifier.
  • Has auto-defrost.
  • Close to accurate built-in humidistat.

What we didn't like

  • A bit bulky, hence, moving it from room to room would require some muscle strength.

5. Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier - (Best Budget Pick)

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Simplicity is the biggest plus of this smaller 12L variant of Pro Breeze. It doesn’t throw a bunch of complex controls at your face to confuse the living daylight out of you. Instead, it only has a couple of basic, albeit practical functions to satisfy general dehumidifying needs.

You can switch between 3 operation modes (auto, continuous, and sleep mode) using the nifty digital LED display on top. Pro Breeze built-in humidity sensors are a league of their own. They accurately monitor the moisture content in the air to help you select the right humidity setting for optimal outcome.

To prevent energy waste, the appliance will turn off automatically once the target humidity level is met. It has proven its effectiveness in controlling mould growth, condensation, and damp smell time and again. By keeping the humidity to optimum levels at all times, it eradicates chest congestion, breathing issues, and the risk of several airborne diseases as well.

What we liked

  • Keeps the bedsheets, windows, walls, and floors bone-dry.
  • Has a dedicated laundry drying feature.
  • Reduces airborne allergens by maintaining optimal humidity level throughout the day.
  • Pretty accurate humidity indicator.
  • Has a child to prevent little fingers from accidentally touching the running fan.

What we didn't like

  • Not quiet as a mouse (but not insanely loud either).

6. HOGARLABS Ca2449 12L Dehumidifier - (Editor’s Choice)

HOGARLABS Ca2449 12L Dehumidifier

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This is the only Wi-Fi enabled dehumidifier on our list so far. The function works exactly how it's supposed to, bringing all the controls of the device at your fingertips. The drying mode on it amplifies its dehumidifying efficiency by almost 50%, pacing enough punch to bone-dry your clothes, damp bathroom floors and windows in just 1-2 hours.

You can also time the dehumidifying function to avoid unnecessary power consumption. Suitable for both small and closed non-ventilated spaces as well as for large rooms (up to 60M²), this dehumidifier can double up as a regular electric fan as well in Fan mode.

Full tank and filter replacement alerts save you the trouble of relying on guesswork. All in all, it’s a reasonably priced Wi-Fi enabled dehumidifier that immensely improves the indoor atmospheric environment by keeping the RH between 30-55% throughout the day.

What we liked

  • Built-in Wi-Fi smart control lets you remotely control the dehumidifier via your smartphone.
  • Powerful Dry mode.
  • Fuss-free continuous drainage setup.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Can do double duty as a regular fan as well.
  • Easily removable and washable filters.

What we didn't like

  • The device often struggles to stay connected to the Wi-Fi.

7. Meaco 20L/Day Low Energy Dehumidifier - (Best Value For Money)

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With the cost of electricity in UK shooting through the roof, the demand for low-energy electronic appliances is at an all-time high. This device right here is specifically engineered to reduce the cost of running a dehumidifier.

It comes with a 20L tank which makes it ideal for absorbing moisture in large houses with 3 to more bedrooms. Like all energy-efficient dehumidifiers worth their salt, this device also automatically switches off and on as needed.

Even in low temperatures, it can remove anywhere between 6-10L of waters a day. It also houses a true HEPA for purifying the indoor air. If you are dealing with serious mould issues and allergies, or mild asthma, this 2-in-1 appliance would be well worth your money.

What we liked

  • Ideal for houses over a 1000 sq.ft.
  • Included HEPA filter prevents black mould growth and airborne particles from contaminating the indoor environment.
  • Can extract up to a whopping 10L of moisture from the air per day in the first few weeks.
  • Automatically turns itself on and off as needed to reduce energy consumption.
  • High capacity tank.
  • Works fast, doesn’t need to run more than 5 hours a day to maintain a comfortable and healthy RH level.

What we didn't like

  • Bulky housing does affect mobility to some extent.
  • Not the quietest dehumidifier in town.

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The second desiccant dehumidifier featured on our list is a true-blue moisture-hungry monster. In winter, it can pull up to 7 litres of moisture a day which completely changes the vibe of bone-chillingly cold, damp, condensation rooms.

It also includes a premium nano-silver filter to prevent bacteria, allergens, and mould growth which consequently helps ease flu symptoms. On top of it, you can speed up your laundry drying sesh by activating the turbo mode with swing louvre. It even has a quiet mode to help you doze off peacefully without compromise on dehumidifying efficiency.

What we liked

  • Tilt over safety protection automatically shuts off the device when you accidentally tip it over.
  • Turbo mode and ultra-quiet mode.
  • Easy continuous drainage setup.
  • Silver filter absorbs stench and prevents the growth of bacteria and common allergens.
  • Auto shut-off and restart for maximum energy saving.

What we didn't like

  • Doesn’t bring the RH level below 50%.
  • Small capacity reservoir.

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This arguably is the quietest refrigerant dehumidifier from the house of Meaco so far (operating noise max 40dB on the highest fan setting). It’s quite an easy machine to operate with the digital control panel on top.

Its powerful laundry mode assists you in quickly wet clothes indoors while the auto turn on/off mode keeps the energy consumption in check while simultaneously preventing tank overflow.

You can also manually adjust the timer and set the humidity in 5% increments for more optimized performance. ABC’s compact and minimalistic design easily gels with the decor of one bedroom or studio apartments.

It’s not that heavy either, so rest assured, moving it from your bedroom to the laundry room, bathroom or garage won’t give you hernia.

What we liked

  • Simple setup.
  • Ideal for tight spaces and cold weather regions.
  • Decently quiet even in laundry mode.
  • Accurate readout and automatic power on/off function.
  • The tank easily detaches and goes back in place.

What we didn't like

  • The handle on the device is a bit flimsy.

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Wrapping up our list of the best dehumidifiers in UK with this ultra-lightweight and portable device from a relatively lesser-known brand. We don’t really care about the brand name as long as the product delivers on its promise.

ElectriQ is an economical, non-nonsense dehumidifier with a stupendous moisture absorption ability. Depending on your room’s size and air temperature, it can remove up to 12 litres of water every day.

The sweet combination of compact design and power-packed dehumidifying performance renders it ideal for poorly ventilated crowded spaces.

What we didn't like

  • Low cost of running.
  • Compact enough to fit into a caravan.
  • Can pull 8-12 litres of moisture every day.
  • The tank is super easy to remove and empty.
  • Easy to move.
  • Air purifier function is very effective for decreasing airborne allergens.

What we liked

  • A little loud.
  • The tank needs to be emptied 3-5 times a day in extremely humid weather.

Final Verdict

We have reached the end of our intense discussion on the best dehumidifiers in UK money can buy. Our goal was to feature at least one model for every room size, ceiling height, specific weather conditions and of course, budget.

Our key takeaway from all the countless hours of research is that the term "best dehumidifier" is a misnomer. What might work wonders for you might not do the same for someone else. The efficiency of a dehumidifier doesn't solely rely on the number of features it boasts of.

You won't need a truckload of features if you're getting a dehumidifier only for your closet or a small studio apartment. However, master bedrooms, large basements, conference halls demand situated in extremely humid areas would require your dehumidifier to pack a punch.

We hope we put our point across well. Thanks for patiently reading along. Good luck finding the dehumidifier you won't ever regret buying.

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