Best Air Fryer in UK – Top 10 Hottest List for Mar. 2023

Air purifiers are the need of the hour, as we keep getting introduced to a new species of harmful viruses and bacteria almost every month. Awful times! 

It’s wrong to assume that you’ll have to cough up a huge amount to get a purifier that gets the job done. Many moderately priced units are just as capable but get overshadowed by big names and even bigger promotions. 

We are not here to give in to gimmicks. Our team has meticulously put together a list of 10 best air purifiers in UK based on key determinants e.g area size, type of pollutants, and intensity of pollution followed by the number and type of filters included.

Narrowing down the options to only 10 models in a market flooded with competitive products wasn’t easy. But our patience and extensive research hopefully led us in the right direction. 

Here’s what you came here looking for:

List and Reviews of Top 10 Air Purifiers in UK (2023)

Highest Rated Model

Levoit LV-H132 with True HEPA Filter

If you have done some preliminary research on the top air purifier manufacturers in UK, you must have come across the name Levoit. LV-H132 is our top contender for the title of the best air purifiers in UK for all the right reasons. 

It’s a sleek and sturdy piece of machine that that employs 3-stage filtration system and no ozone to get rid of all the nasty elements floating in the air. The special filtration system includes a fine particle pre-filter followed by a real HEPA filter and finally, an activated carbon filter to rob the air of common allergens, pet dander, smoke, and foul smell. 

This unit is capacitated to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. If your situation demands you to keep the purifier on for 12-24 hours every day, you might have to change the filters 2-4 months which is quite reasonable. No need to keeping guessing the filter replacement time as the LED indicator on the device will flash when it needs a filter change. 

Although the product description says it can work in rooms up to 8m square, a lot of users have successfully utilized it in rooms up to 14m square. It’s perfect for children’s bedrooms as the fan is virtually inaudible one the lowest speed setting.

Plus, you can dim or even turn off the nightlight if your child needs complete darkness to be able to sleep. Fan speed setting 3 (which is the highest speed) is phenomenal but quite noisy. I’d suggest running the fan is full speed for about an hour or so and switching to speed 1 before hitting the bed. 

It will leave your room air feeling and smelling fresher than it usually is. Overall, it’s a great choice for relieving the symptoms of flu, common cold, and breathing difficulty. It works nicely in spacious master bedrooms as well as in small living rooms, offices, and study rooms. 


  • 3-fan speeds.
  • Very quiet on the lowest speed setting. 
  • Features true HEPA filter. 
  • Ideal for someone dealing with coughing or breathing issues. 
  • Eliminates bad smell and stuffiness. 


  • The filters stop working in 2-3 months if you run the device around the clock. 

Another Top Pick

HoMedics TotalClean 5 in 1 Tower Air Purifier

The second entry on our ultimate list of the best air purifiers in UK in 2020 has raised the bar high for its competitor by introducing 360 degrees HEPA filtration technology. This, along with active carbon filtration, can scrub off up to 99.97% airborne pathogens. 

In times when airborne illnesses are turning the entire world upside down, having an air purification system this powerful can be very reassuring. 

The smart air purifier has built-in particle sensor monitors that constantly keep a close eye on the air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly. This ensures optimal efficiency and at the same time, prevents energy waste. 

Add to the odour-fighting ability of carbon filter, this model comes with an oil tray along with 3 essential oil pads to make your bedroom smell like an English garden, or a fancy little spa, at the very least. 


  • Not only freshens up but also cools down the indoor atmosphere. 
  • Exceptionally powerful HEPA filtration system. 
  • Built-in oil tray. 
  • Auto function mode and 12-hour timer for maximum energy efficiency. 
  • Designed for large rooms (up to 109m square). 
  • Filter replacement alerts and adjustable night mode. 


  • Noisy on highest speed setting. 


PARTU Air Purifier with True HEPA & Active Carbon Filter

The 45-degree inclination angles on this air purifier allow fresh air to be circulated in every nook and corner of the room, instead of focusing only on one direction. Instead of the more common 3-stage filtration system, PARTU has gone a step ahead by integrating five filters to effectively capture pollen, cigarette smoke, and dust mite allergens. 

It also comes with an added security of an air ioniser or what’s normally called anion mode. When you activate this mode, the ioniser releases millions of negative ions into the air, causing the dust and allergen particles to stick to each other and fall down on the floor. 

If you have been battling with airborne sicknesses, allergies, or asthma, this could help you breathe easier and keep those pesky flu-inducing germs at bay. 

Another standout is the soothing multicolour nightlight which can be easily turned off if you need complete darkness to fall asleep. It’s also one of the quietest air purifiers on this list. At the lowest setting, you can only hear a faint white noise. 


  • Helps to wipe the air off dust mites, pet dander, and several other allergens. 
  • Eliminates strong cooking and cigarette odour. 
  • Disperses the fresh air in all directions. 
  • A lot quieter compared to most air purifiers in its price range. 
  • Soothing 7-coloured nightlight which can be turned off. 
  • Brings a noticeable change in the air quality in 40-50 minutes. 


  • Loud beeping noise every time you push the button. 
  • Button lights shine too brightly. 

Best Value for Money

Levoit LV-PUR131S Smart WiFi Air Purifiers 

If you are on the lookout for a Wi-Fi enabled model to get rid of the hassle of fine-tuning the purifier settings from time to time, Levoit could be a good choice. Designed from medium-sized rooms (up to 48m square), LV-PUR131S can be controlled using Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant as well as IFTTT. 

The unit’s built-in sensors constantly monitor the air quality and adjust the speed setting accordingly. You can even create a daily on/off schedule using the VeSync App. The sleep mode on this device is as quiet as 23 dB which makes it perfect for a child’s room. 

The setup and customizations are pretty simple and straightforward. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy to operate the machine via VeSync App. Its multi-stage filtration system squeezes out all kinds of regular allergens, harmful bacteria, and obnoxious odours to relieve the symptoms of asthma, allergies, stuffy nose, cough, skin irritation, and so on. 


  • Ideal for apartments in heavy traffic areas. 
  • Wi-Fi enabled and the entire operation can be carried out via VeSync app. 
  • Great for people with serious asthma problem. 
  • Incredible powerful smoke filters.
  • Accurate air quality monitoring. 
  • Fine for rooms up to 5x5 metre square rooms. 
  • Very quiet and energy-efficient. 


  • Operating the unit using voice control is a bit tricky. 

Best Budget Pick

Philips Series 800 Compact Air Purifier 

If you live in a small apartment and want a quiet air purifier that can take care of the indoor air quality without your supervision, Philips Series 800 totally fits the bill. It’s quite unusual for compact air purifiers to have air quality sensors. 

In turbo mode, the unit takes just about half an hour to clean 49m square area which is huge. And it consumes only 23 watts in turbo mode and 5 watts on the lowest setting which deserves brownie points, given the current exorbitant rate of electricity in the UK. 

The top part of the panel has 4 lights to give you visual feedback of the air quality and the NanoProtect Level 2 filter integrated into this unit can last for up to a year with periodic cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning, the body of the device is made from hard plastic. One quick swipe with a clean cloth will remove all the dust and grime buildup, leaving the purifier looking good as new. 


  • Consumes very little power. 
  • Produces only a faint humming noise in Sleep mode. 
  • Long-lasting and easily removable filters. 
  • Premium air quality sensors and 4-step LED air quality indicators.
  • Simple manual controls. 


  • Doesn’t have HEPA certification. 

Amazon’s Top Pick

Bionaire Tower Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA-Type Filter

This is the only air purifier with permanent HEPA-type filters on this list, saving you the trouble of replacing the filter multiple times a year. Hence, the cost of running this unit is pretty low compared to that of traditional purifiers. 

The air quality sensors integrated into the unit are sensitive to even the slightest change in the air quality. In auto mode, the device automatically detects the ideal speed setting to maximize efficiency. It’s also kitted out with an ioniser to clean the air off fine particles of dust and allergens responsible for fever, coughing, and breathing difficulty. The only downside is that the noose is noticeable even in the lowest setting. It’s not offensive per se, though. 


  • Permanent filter, low-maintenance. 
  • Low cost of operation. 
  • Well-optimised built-in ioniser. 
  • Effectively filters heavy smoke. 
  • Auto mode and timer. 


  • Not exactly whisper-quiet. 

Best Overall

Philips Series 1000ai Connected Air Purifier

Specifically designed to eliminate ultrafine particles from revoltingly dusty rooms, Philips Series 1000ai uses the infallible combination of a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter for the job. It also has a dedicated Allergen mode which optimises the unit for quick and efficient removal for common allergens like pet danders, dust mites, and pollen.  

One of the most notable features of this model is its huge coverage. It can easily handle rooms up to 63m square without your supervision, thanks to its premium air quality sensors. It detects dirty air and sets the appropriate fan speed setting on its own. You can tweak the settings from just about anywhere using Air Matters app on your smartphone or tablet. 


  • Allergen mode for rapid removal for common airborne allergens. 
  • Can be controlled remotely via Air Matters app. 
  • Records and displays air quality and allergen risk data every hour. 
  • 3 auto and 4 manual modes. 
  • Easy to put together. 
  • Ultra-quiet sleep mode. 


  • Quite bulky. 
  • The app keeps disconnecting, especially if you are using phone network. 

Best Overall, Runners-up

WINIX ZERO Air Purifier with 4 Stage Filtration

This mighty purifier uses ozone-free plasma wave technology to take down those notorious germs, viruses, and bacteria that trigger hay fever and other severe forms of allergies. Like all the great air purifiers, this one also uses air quality sensors and auto mode to independently adjust the fan speed according to the amount of gunk present in the atmosphere. 

While most purifiers are content with 3 fan settings, this one has 4 options and what’s even better is that it distributes the cool and fresh air in all directions. The lowest speed setting (the default setting for auto-sleep mode)is almost inaudible. 

  • The collective strength of pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and plasma wave technology helps to combat strong allergies. 
  • Can gather a massive amount of dust in a short period.
  • Quiet operation in sleep mode. 
  • Suitable for areas up to 99 m2.
  • 4 fan speed settings. 


  • The display lights are harshly bright. 

Great for Large Rooms

Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300

Like our previously featured model, this one also has a huge coverage (up to 102m square to be precise), enough to be used as a central air purification system of a house. The unit boasts of Smart Air Sensors that helps you keep tabs on the indoor air quality and adjust the fan setting accordingly. 

Alternatively, you can also let the purifier itself take care of that by activating the auto mode. It also features an ioniser to ramp up the unit’s ability to capture ultrafine particles and massive amounts of dust floating in the air, preventing you from breathing normally all this time. 

And the best part is, even on the highest speed setting with the ioniser mode on, it doesn’t consume more than 40 watts which is something. 


  • 360 degree HEPA filter removes microscopic particles. 
  • Great for someone suffering from strong pollen or dust allergies, thanks to the built-in ioniser. 
  • Low energy consumption. 
  • Acceptably quiet in sleep mode.


  • Replacement filters are expensive but are worth the investment due to its ability to gather large volumes of dust.

Best Multipurpose Air Purifier

AmazonBasics 3-in-1 Air Cooler (Fan, Humidifier, Purifier)

Concluding our list of 10 best air purifiers in UK with a multipurpose unit. This model is an air purifier, a cooler, and a humidifier bundled into one unit. It has 7 programmable timer and 3-speed settings along with a remote control for convenient operation. 

We loved the addition of a wide-angle oscillating fan on it which helps to evenly spread the refreshing, pathogen-free air in all corners so that nobody in the room feels left out. It has an ioniser as well to rapidly reduce the amount of dust, bacteria, and pollen in the air when the situation demands it. 


  • Also works as stand-alone air cooler and dehumidifier. 
  • Has ioniser for quick dust removal. 
  • The oscillating function directs fresh air all over the room. 
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Has remote control. 


  • The air purification function on this 3-in-1 unit is a bonus, hence, not the best option for heavy-duty air cleaning. 


I hope our list and reviews of the best air purifiers in UK had at least one product that lived up to what you had in mind. Finding the right purifier doesn’t have to be that hard as long as you know your requirements well. 

Are you extremely allergic to pet danders? Do you live in a highly polluted city? Is HEPA filter a must-have for you? Ask yourself these questions before taking your pick. That’s all for this segment. Good luck with your purchase and happy breathing, I guess!

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