Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review


No matter how young or old you are, there are some sports that will never lose their thrill; air hockey tops the list of such sports. It is always every air hockey enthusiast's dream to own the perfect air hockey table to entertain themselves as well as their family, friends and guests with similar interests.

While choosing one usually proves daunting especially for first time buyers, the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table review proves that this table can never disappoint as it is equipped with the latest advanced features as stated below, in a bid to ensure perfect play and a memorable gaming experience.

Features of the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table

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Maximum Air Flow

The Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey table is designed for players whose major priority is speedy and smoother gameplay. Its 120V motor ensures that a powerful and steady airflow is maintained thus allowing the pucks to smoothly and easily glide from one point to another during the game. This in turn translates to a faster and seamless air hockey experience. This action-packed fun with zero delays offered by this Atomic air hockey table is what everyone wishes for when playing this game.

Slick PVC Playing Surface

In addition to its 120V voltage that ensures a smooth and high-speed gameplay, the Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table features a slick playing surface that is made from PVC laminated MDF. Alongside the high-speed and smooth play, this smooth PVC surface offers a seamless arcade-style experience. This is mainly due to the fact that this smooth, slick surface allows for more fluid gliding of the pucks as you play air hockey. This is actually the most incredible experience you could possibly enjoy from its price tag.

Spacious Playing Surface

Since this air hockey table has to accommodate up to two grown adults, it just had to have a wide and spacious playing surface. With dimensions of 82 inches by 41 inches, there is enough room to quickly, easily and comfortably maneuver and manipulate your pucks and pushers as you tackle your opponent. While this table may be wide and spacious enough, it doesn't take up too much ground space, thus can comfortably fit into most rooms including inside residential premises. This could actually be the ideal addition to your room or crib.

Lumen-X Technology Table Illumination

This Atomic Air Hockey Table does not limit your games to daytime only. It allows for the thrill of gaming in the dark, thanks to its set of interactive lights. Making use of the Lumen-X Technology, this air hockey table's playing surface is illuminated with red, blue and green multicolored LED lights which quickly and seamlessly change from one color to another when a goal is scored. It also features LED pucks for when you turn off the table's light and still want to play in the dark. There is also music that is paired with the lights for a more exciting experience.

Perfect Stability from Strong Durable Legs

This air hockey table's large sturdy legs are partly responsible for its durability, stability as well as its whole retro appearance. By lowering this table's center of gravity, these large legs ensure that it remains stable and that it doesn't wobble and distract you as you play. In the case of durability, this table has also been proven to stand the test of time due to the high-quality materials used to construct it, including the PVC laminated MDF surface among others. Its 230-pound weight can actually support the impact caused by players leaning over it without crashing down.

Arcade-Quality Accessories Included

It is a sure fact that no matter how excellent this table is, it can't completely work on its own. As much as its own features are high-quality, it also comes with high-quality accessories including 2 round pucks, 2 LED pushers and 1 hexagonal LED spinner puck. The LED pucks light up in the dark for a more interactive and exciting gaming experience. All these accessories are designed to ensure that you enjoy a quality arcade-style gaming experience even if you are playing at the comfort of your home.


  • Wide and spacious playing surface for comfortable and easier gaming.
  • Lumen-X Technology illuminated surface for optimized interactive play when dark.
  • Maximum airflow for faster and smoother game play.
  • Improved support and stability from its large legs.
  • Combination of music and flashing lights ensure interactive and exciting gaming.
  • Strong and durable thanks to its high-quality build.
  • Quite affordable considering its high-quality arcade-style features and performance.


  • Quite heavy thus less portable, and moving it from one place to another takes longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can one play without the colored lights and can regular pucks and pushers that don't light up be bought and used?
Yes, the table lights can be turned off, though this is optional as the lights are only noticeable when it is pitch dark especially at night. Regular generic pucks and pushers can be purchased separately and they work perfectly just like those that fight up.

Q: Can this Atomic air hockey table be disassembled and carried one piece at a go?
Only its legs can be removed and carried separately. 70% of this table, which is the heaviest and bulkiest part is pre-assembled thus should be carried whole. Given its heavy weight, portability is a big issue and when carrying it, its weight distribution should be considered to prevent any damage from accidental slippage.

Q: Does it come with leg Levelers?
Unlike normal tables and furniture that have screw-type levelers, this air hockey table has 1 mm and 2mm leg leveling discs. These ensure perfect stability during play.

Final Verdict

Air hockey is a classic game that never grows old, neither does the excitement that comes with it fade. With the numerous air hockey tables in the market, it may be really challenging to choose one that will fully satisfy your gaming needs. Though, with your budget in hand, all you need to consider is its durability, size, gaming features, versatility and stability before making your final investment decision.

The Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table satisfies all these factors, and is definitely the most ideal investment for anyone who adores this sport. It could instantly turn your empty home into your friends' and family's most favorite destination.

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