Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review


The Atomic Top shelf 75 is the ultimate air hockey table. It comes with an electronic score keeper and lights that bring more excitement. To own this air hockey table, you need to make sure you have enough room space in your home as it is long. This table has great stability, comes with its own control center, spinning LED lights to make sure you get the whole experience.

For those of you who consider outdoor games much fun than the indoor games, this hockey table will guarantee to change your opinion. The Atomic Top shelf makes you feel like you are playing a real hockey game.

Features of the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table

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For those of you looking for an athletic appeal in a board, the Atomic Top shelf design is ideal for you. The board suits the interior of a normal house as well as a game arena making this one of its strongest attributes.

The LED Lumen X technology gives a great boost to the aesthetics of the board. In a room with dim lights, the LED light of the hockey table gives the product an incredible sight. The sight it creates can only be compared to that seen in Sci fi movies of future game arenas.

Ample space

The Atomic Top shelf Hockey Table is spacious enough to send the puck flying if needed. The puck will be able to glide smoothly across the table, and the electronic scorekeeper will keep track. The size and design of the table will make sure the competitors face a tough challenge as they try to measure up. It will also maintain durability and great stability.

This ample space also allows for the accessories that come with the product such as, tiny holes to blow out cool air, LED pushers and LED puck.


The Atomic Top shelf has a sturdy and strong design that not only adds to the game play but makes it highly durable. It also provides players with long hours of uninterrupted fun with the powerful one-hundred-and-twenty-volt motor joined with the PVC laminated MDF playfield.

The motor creates a steady airflow that ensures a smooth movement of the puck. The well- built and strong legs of the table prevent any movement in the board and provide stability.

LED Lumen X Technology

This is one feature that makes the Atomic Top shelf stand out. Fixed along the lines of the table, this innovative technology enhances the gameplay with red, green and blue color effects. The table comes with a red and blue LED pusher, a hexagonal red LED spinner puck which offers great precision and maneuverability for the most advanced games, and a traditional round LED puck for simpler game play.

LED lights look similar to those in a game arena providing the player with a great experience. To use the LED lights to its maximum potential the player should use dim lights or keep the arena dark to make the presence of the light much more noticeable.

Game play

The design and size of the Atomic Top shelf 75 Air Hockey Table makes it perfect for high speed and tense games. The PVC laminated MDF board offers the players a very smooth surface to play on. Another factor that ensures there is no interruption during the game is the one- hundred- and twenty-volt motor. It ensures smooth movement from one point to the other. The uninterrupted play the hockey table offers is supreme when compared to its competitors.

The Atomic Top shelf 75 Air Hockey Table comes with two ordinary round pucks, which you can substitute with the LED puck when you feel like dialing down the excitement.


Though the heavy weight of the Atomic Top shelf is considered a disadvantage no one can deny how stable it is considering its size. The hockey table weighs almost two hundred and thirty pounds meaning at least two grown men are needed to move it from one place to another.

Though most customers complain about its weight during the initial stages, they later appreciate its design and size after they learn the advantages it provides. The Atomic Top shelf sturdy design provides great support to the product helping it survive rough usage.

The owner of the Atomic Top shelf can be assured that the hockey table is strong enough to hold up the weight of a player when they lean in for a shot.

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table - Videos


  • Fast music and flashing lights can make the game more exciting
  • Smooth playfield and powerful motor encourage fast-paced play
  • It can be used in the dark because of its built-in LEDs
  • It has great stability and provides great support due to its large, sturdy legs
  • The table keeps accurate scores each player makes as it has an electronic scorekeeper
  • Easy to setup and use
  • It is durable and can survive rough usage due to its size and design
  • Interactive interchanging colors from blue, red or green


  • It is heavy and can only be moved around by two fully grown men

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: ls it possible for the sound to be switched off?
Yes. The control panel lets you make changes to the table such as adjusting the music.

Q: ls it possible to play with lights switched off?
Yes. Its LED Lumen X Technology that has blue, green and red effects, full potential is realized with the lights off.

Q: Are regular pucks and pushers available?
Yes. The Hockey Table comes with two ordinary round pucks, which you can substitute with the LED puck when you feel like dialing down the excitement.

Final Verdict

Seeing as how durable the atomic Top shelf is, it is a product you should consider adding to your list of gadgets. Its comfort and game play distinguish it from other products similar to it in the market hence beneficial to its customers.

The simplicity of its design makes this product different from the others. When considering performance, it offers much more than its competitors can. As far as the bottom line goes Atomic Top shelf 75 Air Hockey is a must have product.

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